Accounting for a completed outdoor workout that was accidentally discarded

So the inevitable happened and I accidentally discarded my outdoor ride instead of saving it. (What happened was, it was New Bike Day, and after finishing my workout I took the Garmin off to pose the bike for the requisite photo…I stupidly didn’t turn it off and in my sweaty pocket apparently “discard” and “confirm” were pressed :sob:).

Anyway, I thought I could just check “this workout has been completed” in my TrainerRoad calendar and that would be that…but Adaptive Training is trying to replace my completed workout. What do I do?

For what it’s worth, I tried running Recuva on my Edge to see if I could salvage the file but it was nowhere to be found. The new bike is great though! At least it wasn’t a race I discarded. I’ve made a manual activity in my Garmin with miles and time, sadly that doesn’t update my load stats so if anyone has clever ideas about that too, send them my way.

Well, I’ve confirmed the TSS is being accounted for, so that’s good. But I have no idea why Adaptive Training was trying to replace it with a different workout after it had already been marked completed.

Yeah maybe send a note to to make them aware?

Otherwise maybe wait a day and double check that your time and TSS are accounted for? And you’ve rated the workout intensity?