Accountability Partner(s)

Would anyone be interested in being an accountability partner and documenting the process, possibly in YouTube videos?

I’m looking to finally start structured training and I’m planning to do livestreams, Zwift racing and videos to document the process. For anyone interested in the YouTube side of it, I’m up for editing videos if people want to provide footage or audio and I can host livestreams. I’m open to options like group workouts and FTP tests or weekly check-ins and would love to hear about any other ideas.

I’m currently looking for a plan to aim for improving 3-5 minute power but I don’t think our workouts or goals need to be similar. Even with different goals and/or training volume, I think it would be awesome and really helpful to have an accountability partner or partners. And I think it could be motivating and interesting to document the process on YouTube, for anyone interested in that side of it.

Thanks a bunch for any questions or feedback.