Always sick during cyclocross season

I gotta vent online because my wife doesn’t care to hear it. Anyone else find themselves always battling illness during cross season? It makes complete sense, especially if you have children. It’s the only time of year that I race and I’m always set back every season.

What can you do…?

This will be my first cross season since 2016- had high hopes of doing 8 or so local races and possibly single speed nationals. However, I’ve got a 5 and 2 year old, we’ve already had one nasty cold for the whole family. Feeling bad on top of being up with one or both of the kids in the night is not exactly a recipe for great training but c’est la vie.

I did pick up some vitamin C, D and zinc to take daily in hopes that it might help prevent future infections for me (knowing the evidence is mixed at best on all of those). I will also eat a few cloves of raw garlic at the first sign of a cold- I really think it helps, my wife hates it lol.

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I think everyone gets sick at least once over cross season. Its a drag.

One of the truly great benefit of covid for me, is that I just dont really get sick any more.

I think there’s been a bit of a culture shift. If’s much more acceptable to stay home from work/work from home if you’ve got a sniffle or something.

I used to get sick every fall when kids went back to school, and people in general spent more times indoors passing bugs around. Knock on wood…haven’t had to worry about it.

Fully agree but unfortunately this year the culture shift has ended (at least where I live) and people are starting to spread everything right now.

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You’re probably right. My wife came back from a wedding in greece while I hung with out daughter (barely riding during that time). Brought back covid for all of us…then promptly got shingles (her). I’d been barely riding for probably 6 week. Decided to just start off season early and just race 2 or 3 cross races for fun rather than go for podium.

First time I’m been sick since the first year of covid…

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I don’t have any answers, but just here to commiserate. I got covid for the first time two weeks before my A CX race of the season. Completely wreaked a full year of following a training plan. I’m 90% sure I picked it up at a CX race. Worst part is I had just got my 4th booster shot the week before. :man_facepalming:
Onwards to 2024 I guess.

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The booster did it. :rofl:

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