Abus GameChanger

Does anyone have experience with the Abus Gamechanger?

I don’t believe the name but . . . . looks kind’ve rad IMHO

Yeah I’ve got it since September. Nice helmet.

Different helmets use different headforms. Do you feel like the headform on this helmet is more of a round shape or ovalized shape?

Have you used any other aero helmets? If so, how does this compare?

I find that hard to answer. Probably a bit more oval.

I only have a non-aero road for comparison, sorry.

Bump…Any more experience with the Gamechanger? Looks great on the Movistar, Alpecin-Fenix and Bora pro-conti guys…

Owner of the LBS tried one last year and he was not a fan. Zero adjustability in the straps and no pad set inside.

Put me off it as I was considering it…looks like a great helmet, but maybe not so much in execution.

But, this is obviously a N=1 case.

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Yea the name is off putting.

If I had one:

Other Rider: Hey that’s a nice helmet. What’s it called?
Me: Umm… I don’t know.

The brand name is also a problem. I see the Abus logo, I think “lock!”. Not “high performance helmet”. It’s like having a skinsuit made by Yale.

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Team mate has one and absolutely swears that it’s the best (most comfortable, fitting) helmet he has ever owned. Guess helmets are a bit like saddles though.

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Tried it on and did not buy it mainly due to the missing padding on the upper part. Feels weird if you are bald :roll_eyes:

Complete and full disclosure, I am employed by ABUS and the GameChanger is one of three helmets I use regularly.

Glad to hear you think “lock”. In the US it’s a tad strange as our helmets have only been around for about 4-5 years. In Europe, our helmets have been around for 30+ years and we are the largest helmet maker in addition to our locks. We started with commuter helmets and moved to performance helmets in the last 10 years.

Concerning fit, It’s more of an oval then round. I tend to suggest people fit it by the sides. The straps don’t have an adjustment under the ears as they are designed with an airfoil to reduce vibration. So if you have a tall head, it might be tight. There is a good amount of adjustment below the chin and with the rear retention system. In addition it’s one of the lighter aero helmets on the market taking cues from our commuter line which are pretty low weight.

But as people said, helmets are like saddles, what might be great for one doesn’t necessarily work for another, as a person with very little hair on my head.

Thank you all for at least trying it.


It seems to have become part of the club uniform in a club that I ride in, several have bought and highly recommend it!

German Mag Tour Int just did a helmet test. They didn’t do a GameChanger, but it’s stablemates didn’t do well. Bad rotational protection and harsh impact#s relative. Specialized, Scott, and Lazer’s helmets did much better.

Some other test (don’t know the details)

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