Absolute Power / Watts vs % of FTP Workout Creator (Feature Request)

Pretty sure I know the answer already, but in case I’m missing something…

I need to create a workout in absolute watts. That means I need to draw a line at 100 watts, or 300 watts, and that’s it. Not a percentage of FTP. Raw watts.

I can’t find a way to do this in TR Workout Creator. Is it possible to make a raw watts workout?

It’s not possible to use plain watts instead of FTP percentage. It has been mentioned and loosely requested, but I don’t find one in place yet. So I will convert this into a Feature Request.

As Chad mentioned, this is not possible to do at this time. The current .AIR based Workout Creator is certainly a bit limited, which is why we have plans to develp a web-based Workout Creator in the future. This gives us the opportunity to refine the WC and add some features and functionality if we deem them useful. I will mention your feature request to the team :+1:.


@Ganellon curious why you want to do absolute watts? I’ve used Garmin workout creator, TrainingPeaks workout creator, and TrainerRoad workout creator. Never had a reason to use absolute watts, so I’m curious to understand why! :smiley:

For power meter validation testing. I’d like to be able to run the same test over and over again, without regard to my FTP. Unit tests for trainers and power meters are a series of high and low intervals, but for the result to be meaningful, you have to test the same conditions each time.

While I could set my FTP to 100 and then just make each step a percentage, that’s not very convenient because I may need to do this dozens of times a year.

Right now I’m using Zwift and Tacx Training App for this purpose, but since TrainerRoad is where I live, I’d rather use it than something else. :slight_smile:


I would like to create Wo based on specific power instead of % of ftp.

I understand the use case of pre package workouts to be a %, but if i create my own, it would be nice to choose a specific power. I think this will become more of a thing now that the ftp test becomes obsolete with AT.


Technically an erg file is just that but the application is behaving more like it’s running a mrc file. Same with the workout creator. You might want to try Golden Cheetah that can actually run an erg file. You can also create both types.

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Would it be possible to add the possibility to use absolute Watts when programming intervals in the WO Creator as opposed to only being able to use %FTP right now?


I moved your post under an existing one with the same goal.