TR Custom Workout- how do adjust the FTP

I created a custom workout. However, FTP is default to 100 and so it’s throwing off the TSS and IF stats.

I would think it knows to the FTP since I logged in using my account? Also, I noticed under the interval stats for columns Start FTP and End FTP, it has a value that I have no clue where it’s referenced from?

Any idea how I can adjust my FTP appropriately so the ride stats align accordingly?

Take note that the FTP scale and 100 value are PERCENT %, not WATTS.

  • I am guessing you are treating Percent as Pure Watts, which is why your values are exceptionally high.

Reconsider and set your power targets based on % of FTP (not Watts) and you should get proper info.


Thanks Chad for the quick reply. I don’t see where I can change it to Watts?

Sorry for being a newb

AFAIK, it’s not possible to program in Workout Creator using actual Watts. There is an open Feature Request asking for that option, but it is not available as of now:

So, you must figure out the desired % of FTP and use that value, not watts.

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Okay… Maybe I’m technically challenged but I’m not seeing where I can adjust and configure based on % of FTP either?? LOL

Essentially, the Workout Creator is about setting power by % of FTP per those training zone, not specific power.

  • Assuming you know your FTP, and want to set a particular interval at your FTP, you set that block at 100%.
  • If you want a block at something like recovery pace, you might set it at 50%, since that is common for the basic Coggan based zones.

If you are trying to set based on a known wattage, you need to back figure what that is based upon your FTP.

  • You have one block above at 160, and presumably you wanted that to be 160w?

If you had something like a 200w FTP:

  • 160w target / 200w rider FTP = 0.80 which is 80%, so you’d set the block at 80%.

Does that make sense?

If you haven’t seen them, there are several videos worth a look for general use.

May not help with your main issue here that seems to be knowing Watts and needing to convert to % of FTP, but worth a watch if you haven’t seen them.

It is the value under “Start FTP” and “End FTP.” Set those to the % of the desired workout.

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ahh! You guys are geniuses… Thanks gents!!

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We have been asking this for a while now. Maybe someday we will get it