AACC Podcast Feedback!

Yeah, I’m picturing the set hour with a short “overtime” no more than maybe 15-20 mins to hit live questions, talk about the cast members status and such. Save the freeform banter for later.

MULLET show with BIZ up front and PARTY at the back. :stuck_out_tongue:
(need to mock up a meme with the cast rocking ripping mullets :wink: )


2 hours is the best. Love the banter and lessons to be learned.
It felt rushed today.


Definitely keep the podcast, it is what got me into TR. For the duration I don’t care too much. I don’t always listen to the end of the longer ones, or get there but zoned out for about 20%.

If you make it one hour, try to keep the banter. I like the personal anecdotes, challenges, even swimming tips.

Keep up the good work!


Do whatever you guys need to do to keep the enthusiasm up. I’d rather have a quality hour where everyone is bought in than a two hour show that feels like a slog. But if it’s all business and no banter, I won’t be listening as much. There are a bunch of shows covering the same basic training principles, but only this show has this set of hosts. And it’s the hosts that keep me coming back to this podcast. Your goal is to help us get faster, and I’m motivated as much, or more, by listening to your struggles and successes as I am learning about heat training or shaving my legs.


I haven’t listened yet to the recent podcast because of work… still if it is not broken, don’t fix it!

While i enjoy nerding on the DD at the intersection of physiology and cycling (+ occasional triathlon), please keep time for the banter and the q&a and it is not just because it is entertaining or because not many in my circle of friends want to talk about cycling or training more than 2 minutes.

The banter in past TR podcasts is how i first heard of

  1. maurten food : a game changer that made me faster for long events ( if you avoid bonking and stomach issues, you re a lot faster).

  2. mtb tires rolling resistance. Nate or Jonathan said off the cuff he sees people at races with maxxis minion tires These have tons of traction but their rr is many many watts slower. That got me to search and buy different ones.
    That s made me faster.

I don’t know what i don’t know
That’s why i listen.


From my own point of view I prefer a longer (2h) podcast. I like to put it on before I start a workout and continue through it. I don’t want the podcast ending 10-15mins before I have finished a workout. I also tend to replay it back when I’m doing other things ad I don’t really want the podcast to stop in the middle of them either :-1:


My rationale for 2h podcast:

  • 2h- indoor workouts are often intense enough, no time to be bored
  • 2h+ weather permitting, always outdoors, never bored
  • saving AACC episodes for bad weather 2h ± 30min Z2 indoor rides, perfect to let mind focus on something useful

I think for long time listeners, there’s an issue with “freshness” with regards to concepts and ideas discussed. I feel there’s a lot of rehashing from year to year, which is bound to happen, but I think we all get that “90 to a 120 grams” etc.


Seeing so many people say they prefer a longer podcast makes me realize I have a bit of an attention deficit that others don’t have. I just can’t focus on anything for more than 90 minutes at a time. I hate when people in the office want to do a workshop. I want to get in, hear the facts, make a decision, and move on to the next one. This all means when the podcast is longer, I start to multitask and end up constantly rewinding to find where my brain was before it wandered. For the same reason, I can’t do audiobooks, and I wish every movie was under 2 hours. I also don’t like the new trend of taking a 2 hour movie and turning it into ten 50 minute episodes.

Oddly, I do LOVE the friendly banter and stories (in the podcast, and irl) and don’t like the idea of cutting that out. I often learn more from those parts than from the deep dives.


Long time listener, first time commenter because I am passionate about this podcast!! It is the one and only podcast I have listened to every one and look forward to every week. I premise this comment with that information so you know how much I value this podcast.
It really ick’d my wow to only have the hour podcast. I came away feeling like conversations and topics were cut short to make the hour timeline. I personally love the ability for you all to add your own perspectives, personalities and adlib along with the super well researched information that I count on. Not to mention, this is what I watch on my long 1:15, 1:30, 2:00 TR workouts…if they are only an hour I am stuck searching for filler which by comparison is so much less inspiring!!
This sort of opinion is not typical for me as I usually am a “just the facts” type of human.
If others prefer less they can use the tabs and listen to what they want, those of us that prefer longer have no way of adapting our listening style to something that doesn’t exist.
We can all win with longer podcast!!


Like i said in this weeks episode topic. The longer, the better for me. Also, bring back the banter and personal stories. As a long time listener i’ve heard most of the tips and topics. I really like the personal touch, i want to hear about Jonathan’s swimming and running etc.


I prefer the longer podcasts. On average i spend a lot of time in my car during my work day and the longer podcasts are perfect for that. If the two hours are too long for the crew i can understand. But personally i could listen to you talking about cycling and training all day.


Yeah, I feel the same. I’m sort of a “need to know” kind of person.
WRT banter, I think a lot of people assume directness is exclusive to entertainment or relatability, which isn’t necessarily the case. Humans often understand anecdote or example far more readily than hard data, and the former can be a pretty powerful tool when it comes to efficient communication. Doesn’t have to be super dry either- often the funniest people have a pretty snappy delivery.


Now that there are chapters and it’s easy for anyone to get to whatever interests them in the podcast, It doesn’t matter to me if they spend 4 hours talking about lawn care (actually I might listen to that).


Another vote for the longer/looser format. If I wanted dry and concise I’d be all about the Fast Talk Labs podcast, which I do also listen to but I don’t get excited when a new one drops because it’s kind of boring. Given a choice between someone explaining the science of carb loading and hearing about Nate housing boxes and boxes of cereal, I’ll take the latter any day, and I will be very sad if that stuff gets cut! Especially if host challenges are starting again. I am 100% here for the digressions and poopoo-talking that comes with those.
p.s. bring back beers with chad


I agree that the banter and personalities make the podcast! I also listen to a number of others in between new TR podcasts and agree…no personality and dry droning info. I’ll often find myself chuckling while listening to Nate and some others at funny moments. Keep the great work and don’t let it turn into another podcast that is work to listen to. You’ve got the perfect blend of info, anecdotes, experiences, deep dives and comedy.


A lot of people are assuming that shorter means less “chat”. I don’t see it like that at all. It wasn’t like that in the past when it was only an hour, so why would it be in the future?


This can work both ways though and depends on the type of ADHD one has. For those of us with the hyperfocus kind one long thing going on and on forever in the background can help get stuff done. Granted an hour would be fine for that too especially since it doesn’t have ads interrupting it.

Ignoring for a moment that a few weeks ago it came up that a lot of endurance athletes have ADHD, we are still in the minority and don’t think they necessarily need to structure the podcast around those of us with it.


Thanks for all of the feedback so far, y’all. And keep it coming!

Taking note of all of it and will use it to improve :raised_hands:


I just did a quick scroll back nearly 3 years and nearly every episode was 1:40-2:10. Not sure how far back I have to get to when it was just an hour.

I also have episode 357 on since I apparently missed it. They spent 15 minutes on dropper posts and innovations (disc brakes). There is another 17 minutes coming labeled nates intermission that I haven’t gotten to yet. That would be half a new hour format episode. I’m only 30 min into this one and it is very different than yesterdays 359.

Of course there will be chat but will be be the same kind of chat? Probably not. By the third 1 hour episode there will be a post here about how rude Jonathan has become cutting people off to make time.