A Wild idea for Favero Assioma pedals [MTB SPD Hack]

FYI: axle too long for Favero Assimo power meter. power meter fits in but too short to reach other side for nut. bearing ID are correct tho

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The Xpedo CXR hack was a wonderful solution, but these specific pedals are not the greatest with regard to longevity. And I surmise that it’s the overarching bearing system that is to blame.

My first set of CXR pedals lasted about 9,000 miles. My second set of CXR pedals lasted about 6,000 miles. Since I ride around 10,000 miles per year, this ends up being a pretty rapid replacement schedule.

And the bearing replacement option just doesn’t work since it’s basically impossible to remove both of the damaged inner bearings when they go bad. I’ve spent more hours than I’m willing to admit trying to remove them.

If I had to do it all over again (and had a crystal ball), I’d definitely buy the Duo-Shi spindles and mount the truly indestructible Shimano M520 pedals which do not use the same three bearing system.

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@VGNBici thanks for sharing that the Duo-Shi axles were an easy swap into the Shimano ES-600 pedals. This is exactly what I want to do. I already own the Duo-Shis with Shimano R8000 pedal bodies. Those are great but I prefer SPD cleats for walkability, and I like the wide platform on the ES-600 pedals. A couple questions I have are:

  1. Another user (@dorindark) also did this swap and said he had to use additional O-Ring seals because the Duo-Shi axles were longer than the stock ES-600 axles (see TR post here). But it doesn’t sound like you had to do that?
  2. I’m wondering if there are any issues you’ve noticed with the seals or bearings on the pedals, or if the pedals are holding up well? I live in the Pacific Northwest and it rains a lot. Does the swap affect the water seals, or are the seals part of the Duo-Shi axle cartridge itself and therefore unaffected? I’m wondering if this is why @dorindark added the O-rings.
  3. Also wondering if you measured the q-factor? I’m wondering how the q-factor would be different with the ES-600 pedals from the the Duo-Shis with R8000 bodies? I love the wide q-factor with the R8000 bodies.
  4. Lastly, is there a step-by-step guide you followed to do this swap? I’ve taken apart and serviced TIME ATAC pedals before but haven’t worked on Shimano pedals. Maybe you just followed @GPLama’s video?

Thanks for any info and comments you can provide on the above (and also thanks for any comments @dorindark might have if you are reading this).

@dorindark your post was quite some time ago now, but I’m wondering if you are still using the ES-600 pedals with the Favero Duo-Shis, and how they are holding up? Also I’m wondering why you needed to use the o-ring seals? Don’t they grind against the pedal body, and what would happen if you didn’t use them? Thanks.

Yes, still using the Duo-Shis with ES-600 bodies and they ended up on my daily commute bike, so they got through some harsh conditions this winter. They hold up very well. I actually opened one a few months after installation and the grease inside was like new.
The O rings are not mandatory, you can install the bodies without, but it just leaves a 2mm+ gap. The O rings don’t rub on anything, they spin with the Duo-Shis inner spindle.


@dorindark great, thank you! I’ve got a set of ES600 pedals coming and I’m excited to try out the Assioma Duo Shi conversion!

Does this hack also work with Shimano pd M324 pedals or any other pedals that i can use for my bikepacking trips?

I am looking for a PM pedal on clipless mtb pedals. But the pedals need to have some platform too so i can run them uncliped too. I am riding the shimano PD M324 now but i am open to suggestions, to make this hack work.

PD-EH500 will work. Platform and spd sides.


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Update on my experience with Assioma Shi + M8100: they’ve been great for me regarding reliability, but sadly the added Q-factor on the Shi models is just too much for me and gives me serious knee tracking problems (a problem I’d also experience with SPD-SL, mind you).

I’ll be getting rid of them and will switch back to my hacked Assioma Duo with Bontrager Comp SPD that I was using only on the commuter.

M520s have been great for me.

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Is it possible to purchase just the left and right axles and bearing replacement kit knowing i’ll be doing the SPD conversion?

Yes but pricing is same as buying the pair and they are readily available that way. Plus you’ll have the charger that you need.

Just dumb questions:

Is it possible to buy Assioma Duo-shi and install them on two separate bikes as UNOs with additional parts such as left/right axles (without sensors) and DUO-shi adapers replacement?

No, only the left pedal controls to stop people doing this.

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Does it mean I can just buy left arms with sensors and right arm with no powers and install them on two separate bikes?

I don’t understand the question - are you using google translate?

There is no way to turn an Assioma DUO of any kind into 2x Assioma UNO.

If you want to use Assioma power on two separate bikes without moving the left hand pedal, then you need two sets of Assiomas (be it UNO or DUO).

You could theoretically just move the left hand pedal between bikes, but you would have to convert it to Assioma UNO and back to DUO every time as it would only report 50% power until you did.

i found this thread only after my fail)
15km to nearest “city”. and 2nd day of vacation.

what i did wrong, yes, i used grease instead of loctite.

one fully destroyed bearing. one with super crazy shit spinning. was lucky found shimano 520 in village.

now i put new bearing, loctite and looking 1mm washer

Does anyone know if the shimano m520s work with the regular assioma pedals? I did the the conversion with some issi flash 3s for my gravel bike but want to put spd assioma pedals on my road bike as well and have a spare set of 520s

SPD version only, not the original ones.

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Okay thanks! Looks like Ill have to get another set of the issi pedals.

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