A Tale of Two Workouts

Actually, it’s a tale of one workout (Eichorn +1) done twice in one week. I’m currently in the middle of Sweet Spot Base 1 (low volume) and had Eichorn +1 scheduled both Monday and Wednesday of this week. On Monday I completed the workout, but it felt hard. I’d done 2x20’s during base and build cycles earlier this year and knew what to expect, but this one hurt. I was doubting myself before the first effort was complete. Barely got it done, was a huge physical and mental challenge.

On Wednesday, the exact same workout felt easy. I could have done a third set if I had the time - felt like superman. On paper, the rides were nearly identical (average power, NP off by only 1) with the exception of heart rate. My Monday ride averaged 177 while my Wednesday ride averaged 167!

Here’s the helpful context, and why I can’t wait for future Adaptive Training updates. I slept horribly Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night (combo of travel + poor toddler sleep) and my wife and I both picked up a GI bug. My guess is if AT tracked sleep and resting HR it’d have suggested I sit back a bit Monday knowing I wasn’t going into the workout 100% (far from it in fact).

I’ve heard them discuss on the podcast how important your holistic wellness (sleep, stress levels, emotions, etc.) are, though I’d never experienced it so radically first hand. I look forward to future updates that start to take everything else into account! Until then, I’ll try to do a better job listening to my body and making on-the-fly adjustments when needed.

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No AI will replace that. You can track whatever you want and then one little thing can screw your workout or make it amazing - like one event during the day at work or in life. I

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if that happened to me 4 years ago, or now, and the Monday workout was turning out to be a #strugglefest, I’d pull the plug and ride easy. The TR podcast crew has talked about this for years. Adapting workouts - the past, present, and future! :smiley: