A recovery ride he said

I joined my friend who races and is 20 years younger for an afternoon ride. It was just the two of us and I wasn’t able to pull at all. This way we both got a workout.
The sweetspot and above seemed quite a bit easier than when riding on the trainer.
I felt good after the ride and I was just wondering what others thought of the relative effort.
The TSS was 146 for a 1:24 ride.

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Did you have any predetermined goals, replacing a TR workout with this ride or was it just a chance to socialise with a friend?

Looking at the time you spent above Endurance, this certainly wasn’t a recovery ride for you. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that you were having to work pretty hard. 17.4% of the ride was spent in Anaerobic. Unless I’m racing or doing a particularly hard TR session, I rarely get into that zone.

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Isn’t 146 TSS in 1.5h pretty much 90m at FTP?

Are your zones set correctly? Was the ride power profile pretty spiky? What was the average power?

No agenda, just interested!


This is my first year really training with power, but I believe it is very common to have a higher outdoor FTP vs the trainer. How to correct for that is where my knowledge ends lol

I think you’re right. The average power was 170 and the NP was 200.
Here’s a little history. This is my first year of structured training.
SSBMV>SBBMV. I went from 160(Oct 18), 184 (Dec 18), 202 (Jan 19).
By the end of Sustained power build I was failing the Threshold stuff and feeling a bit fatigued.
I lowered my FTP to 195 and eventually decided to take a week or two and join some group rides outside. I think I just need to have a little more fun.
I suspect my FTP should be in the low 200’s and I was just a little mentally fatigued.
My new plan is to do a low volume specialty and add spirited IRL rides.
My only goals other than getting a little more fit are to be able to join the 18-20 mph group ride and do better on my next century.
55yr old. Very skinny. Some atrophy in left leg due to knee. Working on strengthening the left leg.

Thanks for any input. I appreciate it!

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Definitely a strong ride, nice work!
Not sure if you’re using the same power meter both indoors and out, but there might be some difference there. It’s not uncommon to get a little more power outside than indoors - more air, more circulation/cooling, more inspiration, etc. and/or your FTP is set a bit low indoors, because 90m at FTP… you’d feel that at the end of the ride.