A Race Taper for LV Plan

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I’m on a LV plan (3-3.5hrs/week) where I’ve been supplementing with extra outside riding at Z2 up to 9-10hrs/week. My first ever A event with TR plan builder is set to happen for June 18 and I’m halfway through my Specialty phase. About 2 weeks before the event, the plan has my structured workouts tapering, which I will follow.

My question for the forum is regarding my additional Z2 volume. I know a lot of folks do what I do; LV + Z2 added. How much are you reducing your Z2 volume in those two taper weeks, if any? Thanks for any advice!

I’m on the same boat as you, adding volume with the low volume plans. What I did was follow what TR has scheduled but added one extra intensity day. You didn’t mention what specialty phase you’re using?
I’m using the century specialty, so during my first week of the 2 week taper there is 1 Supra threshold, 1 sweet spot and 1 short endurance ride. I added a short vo2 workout basing that off the work I have been doing. I’m also am adding doing a 2 hour endurance ride on Sunday. This is all coming to be about half the work I have been doing during the specialty phase. (About half tss too)
Then the final week I follow the same pattern by adding a short vo2 workout with like short 3 intervals.
I am going to listen closely how I am feeling This has worked for me in the past.

I have followed a LV hybrid also. It lets me focus on the “must-do” workouts, and I supplement as time permits without pressure.

For my taper, I either cut out the extra workout/ride entirely, or keep it to something fairly short to be sure all the equipment is ready to race. There’s probably some logic that your training is already “in the bag,” and Z2 doesn’t need to be “primed” in the way that higher-intensity systems do, but I’d just be regurgitating stuff I’ve heard other people say.

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I’m in Cross Country Marathon Specialty. Each week has a 60min VO2, 60 min Threshold and and 90min SS workout. My extra “Z2” is alot of mountain biking, which does include threshold, VO2 and even some anaerobic work.

My gut was to go to about 60-70% TSS of my pre-taper load (normally 500-600TSS per week). I still want to ride for fun, but also want to be fresh and do well at my A event (8-10hr XC marathon).

Only thing I would do in your position is maybe drop 1 structured intensity workout for the “fun” ride. That way you’re not doing too much a week before the event. The hay is in the barn as they say and for me my goal is to make sure I feel rested and ready. Either way the event will be fun in the end.