80/20 polarized training --> 4x4 HIIT + LIT in the same ride?


I’m trying out 80/20 polarized training at the moment, because my CX season went to sh1t, so why not experiment.
On tuesdays i have a day of the coming weeks, so far i have been doing LIT (Low Intensity Training) on these days. aka , a long easy endurance ride.

However, i wonder if doing a 4x4 HIIT workout as part of the LIT ride would be ok.
Plan is to ride from home to a ~4 min climb (at my PR) smash up the climb 4 times, and continue riding for another 1,5-2 hours, maybe more as if i feel like it.


It can be done, but for me this time of the year it would be kinda exhausting to do (just because the intervals are early part of the ride) and i would do those intervals later if i did them during the long ride. I think it is personal preference (how fit you are etc…). But yes, it can be done like that and i personally have done it like that.

At this time of the year i would keep HIT days shorter and the easy ones long(er).

This time of year is normally my race season because i race CX. I did it yesterday, was pretty brutal. CX race season for amaterus/ masters has been pretty much completely cancelled, so do wonder if i will continue. Do want to finish the small training plan i made, just to see how i respond and what FTP gains it might give.

Thanks for the reply