8-10hrs a week on the bike

Hope everyone’s summer is going good! Just a quick questions on how you would split up 8-10 hours of riding per week.

I mountain bike and road/gravel bike. I have been trying to get in two road/gravel ride a week 2-3hrs (each ride) with the rest on the mountain bike. I have no plans to race this year, just having fun and working on building my fitness for when I have some time to enter some events.

I have been trying to improve my base and watch my heart rate on rides. I have done some reading on the 80/20 model but that is tough to stick to in the woods where the trail dictates the intensity. On the road and gravel where I can throttle my heart rate easier, I have been trying to keep my heart rate in a lower intensity zone but I am not sure if I should keep it in a Z1 or a true temp/sweet spot zone? No power meter so no outdoor TR workouts, thus I am relaying on heart rate vs power.

Would recommend doing the TR trial and doing outdoor workouts using RPE. Not quite as good as having a PM but will give you the structure you need.

How you split up 8-10 hours of riding per week depends on your other life stressors. I personally followed a low volume plan with Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday being the workout days. The trainerroad workouts in total would give me 3-4 hours per week. On Wednesday, I would join the local Wednesday night group ride which is around 2 to 3 hours. On Friday, I would do a 1.5-2 hour endurance ride, and on Saturday I would go long (~4 hours). In total, this comes to a 9-12 hour week. To summarize:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: TR workout
Wednesday: Wednesday night group ride (2-3h in duration)
Thursday: TR workout
Friday: 1.5h-2h endurance ride
Saturday: long endurance ride (~4h)
Sunday: TR workout

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I didn’t realize that was an option, thanks!

Outside of riding I do 2 strength days a week and sprinkle in mobility and core work. Stressor aren’t to bad, 5 and 2 year old at home and I work from home most day. I get up early and ride at sunrise 99% of the time.

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