56t 1x for Stages LR Ultegra 8100

Bought a Stages LR Ultegra 8100 and almost went to swap them over until I found a YouTube video saying that you can’t use an 8000 ring with a 8100 and vice versus. I’ve contact Rotor and they only go up to a 54t and I’m just waiting to hear back from Pyramid Design Cycle on whether they can help. I can only assume it’s because it’s new, there’s not much out there for it

I’ve got a little while yet before TT season starts again but I’d like to get it all ready asap. Is there anyone else out there that could help? I’m in the UK

A google search is coming up with nothing


Check eBay or Ali for “Stone” chainrings. I haven’t used them on my 12spd stuff but I have numerous 1x setups (56 and 60) on a road and TT bike and they work flawlessly. The quality is comparable to other big names.