TT Crankset Options

After a bit of advice relating to changing the crankset on this TT bike.

I’d like to move to a 1x set up, but am a little perplexed regarding which cranksets would fit (note the FSA BB386 bottom bracket).

Ideally, I’d like a 52T and any suggestions on what would be compatible gratefully received!

You could keep your existing chainset and just fit a single chainring to that?


Indeed I could! In fact, I probably will!

In that case, your options are aplenty. Just do a google search for single chainrings for shimano ultegra R8000. A narrow wide chainring is normally recommended for 1x systems but you wont really miss it on a TT bike in my opinion.

Absolute Black do some beautiful stuff but there are lots of brands to choose from.

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Cheers - will have a look.

I’d definitely err on the side of caution and get a narrow wide chainring designed for 1x use. Especially if compensating for 1x at the front with a wider range cassette at the back. Guessing the OP is in the UK if he’s got a Boardman bike, some of our roads can be pretty terrible and having a chain come off while TTing at speed is a very high chance of crashing!

Worth looking at and if you want something designed for 1x TTing. Would also consider the roads, cadence and speeds you ride at and whether something bigger than 52 would work. Apart from the simplicity and potential aero benefits of 1x, the other benefits are drivetrain efficiency from being in bigger cogs both front and back, and the ability to still lay down power on fast downhill/tailwind sections without spinning out. In which case you really want to go as big as you can while still having a small enough gear to get over the steepest gradient you’re likely to encounter in races without going into the red or having to grind.

I run a 58T, works really well for me as I don’t race TTs on anything too steep.


Thanks, have just ordered an Aerocoach ring, 54T.

I’m also in the UK and have done many a TT on country roads without a narrow wide chainring. I’ve never found it to be necessary and would be interested to hear from anyone who’s crashed as a result of using a normal chainring.

Yep - round York, so a few sporting courses, but will mainly be focusing on the flatter stuff next season (if there is a next season).

Fair enough! I don’t know anybody personally who has lost a chain on a 1x, but I think everybody I know who runs one has a narrow wide chainring. Given that most of the rings I was looking at were narrow wide anyway it seemed sensible to take a belt and braces approach, no real downside.

I know David Millar dropped his chain at the start of a TT a few years ago after simply taking the front derailleur off. From memory it was blamed at the time on using a regular chain ring but could just have been user or mechanic error as well I guess, those ramp starts combined with the power of a pro rider put a lot of stress through the drive train.