absoluteBLACK Chainrings

Anyone here use absoluteBLACK chainrings? I have them on my 14’ Cannondale Synapse mechanical 105/Ultegra and have loved them. Put the on my New Specialized Venge Pro Ultegra DI2 and can’t keep the chain on in the 50x11 combo. LBS has had it now for a few weeks trying to get it to work and no luck. absoluteBLACK seems more focused on the front derailluer than the fact that it won’t stay on the chainring. Anyone have any experience with these that can offer or suggestions to what might be the issue? Note that chainrings are brand new and we have tried KMC and Ultegra chains.

Not sure if this is direct experience - I’ve had an Osymmetric on my Di2 bike and an absolute black on my mechanical bike. Di2 bike used the DA9000 FD and mechanical has R9100 set up front and back. it seems the ability to micro adjust with mechanical groupsets yield better results with oval chainrings. On my Di2 set up if I’m not careful with shifting the chain will definitely drop whereas with my mechanical set up I’ve yet dropped the chain.

I ran AB chainrings on my Ultegra Domane for about a year and had zero issues with shifting. Put them on, adjusted derailleur, and never touched it again. I really liked them.
Have upgraded bikes recently and now waiting for AB to make chainrings for the AXS kit. Coincidently started experiencing knee issues after the switch back to standard round rings (mild at first, but been off bike for almost 6 weeks now as it worsened and blew up during a 100mile gravel event).

Is the chain falling to the smaller ring? Have you tried running +/- an extra link on the chain?

We, well LBS tried everything even tried working with absoluteblack c/s directly. After two weeks and way too much $$$ I picked it up today. Now it will be a battle to see what they will do to try and make the situation right from a customer service perspective.