4wk injury half way through 32wk Mid Volume program

Hi, just wondering how do I best update calendar to finish out a Mid Volume program that got interrupted with a 4wk injury 16wks into a 32wk program?
I had completed 6wks of Sweet Spot Base 1, 6wks of Sweet Spot Base 2 and 4wks of an 8wk Sustained Power Build when I got an ankle injury that has left me off the bike for last wks. I had increased my FTP from 235 up to 270 in that that 16wks but I suspect now I could be back closer to where I started.
I had 4wks left of Sustained Power Build left to complete followed by 4wks of Sweet Spot Base 1 and 8wks of Climbing Road Race finishing up on July 11th.
I don’t mind extending the end of the program now by 4-6wks but I’m wondering what would I do now to go back and repeat some of the program before I stopped or pick up from where I left off or something different? Would I be better repeating 6wk Sweet Spot Base 2 and then into 8wk Sustained Power Build?
How do I update the calendar to so I can follow what I need to every week, i.e. do I take note of what I’ve left to do and manually create these sessions for every week up to mid Aug or is there an easier way to fix this?