I bought a 2nd hand Dura Ace 4iiii power meter…

Received it yesterday but only got round to opening and installing it today. I noticed that the battery bit on the right hand side has a defect….

I know this is how the battery is attached to the crank but is this an issue?? What about washing the bike etc. is there any cables that will be exposed?

Thought I’d ask in here in case I need to return it to the seller

Thank you

Inside there will be connections coming from that battery. If you remove the chain rings you can get a better idea of the damage. If it not too bad a crack I would smear some superglue over it to seal it back up. I believe it can be removed but I have never done it. It is prob bonded after the wires to the strain gauges are soldered.
Shows briefly how Stages make left and right but not something that’s very instructional.

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I would return regardless because any brand / model of shimano crank based power meter on the right side is same as you taking a wild guess on how much power you’re putting out. ball park.

There’s tons of video on youtube on how wrong right side shimano crank based cranks are.

(not current gen but the gen before, which seems like what you have?)

Photo isn’t 100% clear so excuse me if you have a current gen dura ace crank.

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It’s a 4iii power meter on a Shimano Dura-Ace crank.

That’s correct. Is this less of a problem? I’ve heard about the latest ones are an estimated and not that good. With this being a 9100 and a Precision Pro, it’s dual sided. I should of been a bit clearer

yeah if it’s 9100, return. the fact that it arrived broken is a blessing so you have an excuse!
9100 rightside, regardless of brand are inaccurate.

If you’re trying to save money, you’re better off getting 4iiii left side only.
Or better yet, assioma pedals.


Just watched, yeah I think its got to go back to the guy unfortunately, lovely looking crank though

the 9100 crank is asymmetrical. This means that any power meter will read wrong. Doesn’t matter if Shimano, Stages, or anyone else made it. It will be wrong.

The 9200 crank is symmetrical. Stages PMs have been shown to be accurate. However, the R9200P has been shown to be a load of hot garbage.

sorry but what’s the difference between the 9200 and r9200p?

9200 is a Dura Ace crank with a third party power meter, r9200p is the Shimano power meter.

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ah thank you. So is it just the Shimano power meter that’s rubbish then? 4iiii and stages 9200 is good to go?

Read the reviews GPLama and DCRainmaker have produced.

Done so, I bought the 9200 Stages dual sided power meter brand new after watching GP Lamas review. Not used it yet though

Yes, exactly right.

Just a thought, is the left crank still okay to use solely as a power meter? If I took the battery out the right hand side and use the left crank only. I could put it on my TT bike…

Yes - you will need to go into the 4iiiis app and change the config of the unit to a L only power meter.

okay cool and just to confirm, there’s no issues with the left crank 4iiii’s, its just the right hand side that give out faulty number correct?

*We’re yet to see the 4iiii P3 R9200 dual reviewed (and released for sale), so I’d cool the jets on that until we do. As it stands the R8100 Dual and R9200 Dual from Stages would be the best option.

*Edit model numbers.