4 workouts consecutively?

hi, i’ve completed SSB1, ramp test, upped the FTP and filled in a couple of weeks with sweet spot SSB1 weeks 2 and 3 workouts. Now just hit the button to start the 28 week countdown to 100mile/160km gran fondo May 19. Response to TR so far very positive.

Ive selected low volume SSB1 as it fits in with my schedule, all be it with some shifting around due work, etc. I usually have the opportunity to fit in a 4th outdoor ride most weeks. Often i have a 4 day period where i can train each day.

Question - is that 4 in a row too much? i feel fine, and want to do the 4th session(prob outdoor ride) but ive read here that too much consecutively will ‘undo’ some of my training input. True?

i should add to that my outdoor ride, due to my location, is inevitably hills, and certainly a 170m finish climb to the house being at the top of a hill.

If i do a 4 day series, i can rest for 2 or 3 days as work enables that.

looking forward to your advice.

Listen to your body - if you feel fine with 4 days on followed by 3 days off then you’re fine. If you start having trouble finishing workouts due to fatigue, etc then you need to adjust accordingly

Listen to your body.

There are many folks who can go for a while without any true rest days, and other people need them more frequently.

We won’t be able to tell you which type you are :slight_smile:

Agree with the others here that it’s highly individual. Something to remember is rest/recovery is when your training adaptions occur. If you keep pounding your body day after day, you’re more likely to get fatigued than stronger.

A quick post from Joe Friels blog on the importance of rest in training:

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Maybe give this short but similar topic a read:

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