4 months offseason - what to do?

I finished my “A” race, a 110km hilly road event, at the end of October. The same A race will be in October 2023 again. I took a one month break and now I am unsure what to do do for the next four months. I plan to start Base training at the start of May 2023. In April it’s also Ramadaan for me so I don’t do any training in that month.

I know I need to do some strength training as I neglected that for a year. So a 4 month block of strength training with maintenance Z2 cycling and some cross training (running, swimming) thrown in? Or do a shortened base, build again?

Would love some suggestions.

If you like having the structure of a plan and have room to increase your FTP, maybe do four weeks of lifting, easy fun rides and cross-training, then do lifting and base. :sunglasses:

If it was me, I’d do a different base to whatever you did last time, just to get a change of stimulus and a different challenge. Taper the lifting off a bit as and when the cycling intensity ramps up.

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Get off the bike entirely for a month or two - Do sth completely different…can be strength in the gym, can be mobility/flexibility with yoga or hit the pool and do some swimming. Just give your mind and body a complete new and different input…and see what happens. After that you can get onto your bike whenever you want and continue the bike journey. Thats what I am doing from time to time

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base miles and strength! Build your aerobic engine! Lift heavy weights and go ride your bike. I would not take 4 months off of the bike if you want to get faster and stronger and riding it.

Zone 1-3 rides, lots of them, but really get that strength training going!

Good luck!


Thanks Brendan. Going to follow that plan.