3T Racemax Italia Tire Clearance

Looking at a 3T Racemax Italia frame and in doing research it seems there are pros / cons with Shimano vs. SRAM, and options with the SRAM Wide components? My only problem, is I’m not a big fan of the 43/30 Crankset? Anyone else have any experience on maximizing tire width for 700c on 3T Racemax? Does a 1x setup maximize tire width?

I think for 700c the limitation will be the clearance between the tyre and the seat tube not the crank.

The extra clearance you get with 1x will only come into play if you go down the route of 650b wheels.

To be honest, coming from a happy 3T racemax owner, if you are concerned about maximizing tyre width for 700c wheels then unfortunately you are looking at the wrong frame. Unless you mean the “Extrema Italia”?

EDIT: my info might be a bit out of date - I have the older “415” frame not the newer “418” that you will probably be looking at…

Yep! Looking at the 418 frame…

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The way I read that page it that with a 1x system there are “no limitations” meaning the max width is determined by the frame not the chainring :+1:

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Yeah - so leaning towards a 2x - so there seems to be some advantage with SRAM vs. Shimano - with their wide setup. Looking at the SRAM wide setup - don’t like the limitations of the crank and would rather be running a 48 / 35 on the front. So was curious if somebody had experience with that

Also curious about this, though I’m looking at a standard RaceMax. If set up with standard SRAM 2x, does FD position limit tire width? I’d guess not, as I think the complete bikes come with standard (not Wide) SRAM 2x. If anyone has such a bike and has a pic of FD battery-tire clearance that’d be great.

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Well documented by 3T here: https://blog.3t.bike/2022/04/18907/tire-recommendations-for-ultra-and-racemax-418-gravel-bike-tech/

Caveat being (coming from a Racemax 415 owner with 2x SRAM) that these frames are quite prone to chain-suck issues, so consider adding some additional frame protection on DS chainstay and running a chaincatcher to protect your frame.


Thanks. I see suggestion that a FD limits clearance on the Ultra/418 frame, but not on the 415 (I guess because there’s less clearance in general.) Was that your experience too?

Yeah - I’ve read that blog post a few times. Its for sure the FD, but then you dig deeper on the “hacks” with the Wide group set, then its get confusing.


Honestly, it seems like a 45 max tire width seems pretty typical, but basically going with a 1x could get more clearance on the 418 frame?

I’ve only ever run 650b with 1x for a gravel setup. Since I’ve switched to SRAM 2x, I haven’t tried to run a gravel setup.

Thanks for all the info. What’d you run for a chain catcher/frame protector? Have you experienced the chain suck issue? I’m a fairly fastidious chain waxer, but I guess that dropped chain stay can cause issues regardless.

Former RaceMax owner here. I think mine was the older frame. Anything over 38 was probably a bit much pending your internal rim width. Got a rock stuck between the tire and seat tube and destroyed it during a gravel race. Fun and fast bike.

@kevistraining is correct. My issue was the tire getting too close to comfort to the seat tube, not the chain stays nor the GRX FD. Looks like the new frame can roll 50s no problem.

Also what @saverin said: throw some extra protection down there when you drop your chain and chew through the carbon.

I sold that bike after a few months.

Thanks for the info. The one I’m eyeing is a 418 ie the one with a bit more clearance, so hopefully that helps. And I have another bike for monster truckin’, I’d plan to use this as an all-road and race bike, so mainly skinnier tires anyway.

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Don’t go to skinny with the tyres. I was planning the same when I bought mine but the handling was “off” with 32mm GP 5000s.

Could be different with the 418 frame but I find I need at least 35mm tyres to stop the bike getting a bit noodley

Yeah, by “skinny” I mean 35-40, not 45+. For road use I’ll be running 32mm GP5000s on 29mm ID hooked rims (LightBicycle WG44). I’ll be testing Josh Poertner’s contention that this combo is comfy, aero and good in the wind…

FWIW I raced a dozen crits with 28s. Felt pretty solid to be honest. I wanted to keep it as my do it everything, but found a Revolt and built up the Ventum NS1 pretty cheaply. Almost two bikes for the price of what I sold the RaceMax.

Echoing the above - running 32c Gravel King slicks and never noticed any odd handling characteristics.

Odd… I found that I really noticed the change in rake with the smaller circumference tyres.

Probably a function of personal suceplltability and the fit of the rest of the bike?

Sounds like it’s a non issue for most people :+1:

Was this wind tunnel tested? Or is this a lighter & cheaper version of the 3T 45/40 Discus that he tested? Interesting.

I was imprecise; the WG44s haven’t been tested that I’m aware of, but I was definitely intrigued by Josh’s contention that the Discus wheels with road tires have exceptional aero behavior. So yeah, lighter/cheaper version.

Though, I do have an option to upgrade to Discus 45/40s for a $1200 upcharge. They seem like amazing wheels, but they ain’t real light….

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