30 sec On/Off Power Recommendation

Agreed here. Those are good repeatable numbers for that many anaerobic intervals.

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Hi Steve, what is FRC in WKO?

Functional reserve capacity, which is analogous to anaerobic work capacity.

Essentially an estimation of the size of your glycogen battery that you deplete when going above threshold.

How many repeats and how many sets?

It depends on a lot to the point where it’s not really relevant for me to tell you what I was doing back in September :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve. Not read or heard about this at all. Is there a thread / Podcast on this - as it sounds useful to know - unfortunately I think I deplete my battery at a pretty fast pace in that zone!!
If not - don’t worry and I’ll do some Googling!!
Thanks again.

Found it. Thanks again.

I just jumped into this thread which I noticed is quite old but hoping someone picks this up. Today I attempted Wattbike’s " 10 phases of Attack" workout. Basically 10 x 30/15 of 200% FTP/40% FTP. I failed on the 3 rd effort.

Question: isn’t this effort set far too hard for any kind of benefit? All the talk here is of 150% FTP max for 30secs. This had me doing 500watt repeats with my 250ftp. A bit optimistic from the Wattbike people??

30/15s??? Ouch.

Here’s what I would do –

Start with 30s on / 60s off. See how you like that a couple times a week.

Then try 30/45s … 30/30s … 30/15s … and even 40/20s if you want to get nuts.

I wouldn’t just jump into a workout doing 30/15s … depending on how developed, or undeveloped, your aerobic system is you might not be recovering at all in those 15s. 30/15s are a pretty advanced workout.

Also – for very short intervals like this, I would put tape or a towel over your power meter and just look at the timer. Don’t ride by watts, ride by feel. Go as hard as you can sustain for 30s and then barely pedal during your recovery.

Good luck🤘


Thanks Batwood14. I’ll give that a try. I’ve been doing a reasonable amount of winter training and doing ok on the club ride. I was trying to get a bit of extra HIIT before a CX race at the weekend but 30/15 at 200% was just silly!