IMHO anaerobic and sprint workouts shouldn't be based on a FTP%

Here’s my case. FTP=373w. My 30s PB=680w. Consider Crane+3: 5 sets of 30s at 147%ftp followed by 1min at 105%ftp. PL for me is "just 1.6. But 147%ftp is 96% of my best 30s power…and l should do 1 min at 392w just after…and repeat it 5 times. Not bad for just achieving a 1.6 PL sprint workout. The result is that l am not able to progress. Shouldn’t it be more appropriate to set targets for anaerobic and sprint intervals as a % of your particular PB for that duration.?

honestly, most riding shouldn’t be based on FTP% vo2 for sure no, endurance also no. The only thing I focus on as a percentage is sweet spot (90%) and actual threshold work


Hey there!

I checked out your account and noticed you already SMASHED Crane +3 – awesome work!! :muscle:

Why do you think you are unable to progress? You haven’t even tried the next workout yet!

I think you should try to focus on approaching these workouts with a positive mindset going into them. Eat well and recover well so you know you’ll be as ready as possible for your next session when it comes up.

Your power numbers tell me you’re already a strong rider, so you’re probably more capable of completing these workouts than you’re giving yourself credit for. You might even bump up that 30 second power PB. :wink:


Thanks Zack!. I did achieve it but it was very hard for just being 1.6 PL. On the other hand l could achieve relatively easy PLs over 8 for endurance and tempo. I feel that ftp% is not a valid metric for short efforts especially in the case of old diesel engines like me :sweat_smile:

I find it almost impossible to believe somebody could hold 373w for 30-60minutes steady but they are unable to hold even twice that power for half of one single minute. Perhaps you never really tried to do a short hard effort? In other words, your PB is so low because you simply don’t do it, and it would increase substantially with a little effort and focus on those short durations.


Just take it out of Erg mode and do it in resistance mode. Go for best effort. Fixed.