30/30 Squat Challenge - Developing a resting squat for optimizing position

Hey all,

I my quest for a lower position and increased comfort on longer rides I found something called the 30/30 Squat Challenge that focuses on training the body to be comfortable in a resting squat position. Also known as the Asian squat it opens up the sacral, ankles and hip flexion. Something that could be very useful for increasing endurance and so on. What do y’all think?

You Tube link:
Developing A Resting Squat

I did this a few years ago. Not sure how much it will help you push the pedals but my knees, hips, ankles, and low back felt amazing. Wish I would have kept it up

I think for me it would help holding aero positions for longer. Also I’m a taller gent so any gains aero wise would be great. Not tried it yet but tempted.

I don’t think you can go wrong trying. Even if there is little to no benefit to your aero power/comfort you will fee a huge difference in your posture. Good luck!

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Seems like a fun low-commitment challenge. I can sit in the squat position for a good amount of time but some of the flexibility he showed in the video eludes me. I’ll join you on the quest for more lower body mobility and flexibility. :leg: :+1: