Mavic cosmic carbon pro sl ust

The commercial reviews seem pretty positive, but does anyone have real world experience with the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST wheels?

I have used them all year on my Trek Emonda. Can’t fault them in any regard. Reliable, robust, fast, light and aero.

I managed to pick some up for under £1,000 in Jan and combined them with some super light skewers.

Braking is as good as could be hoped for on carbon rim brakes combined yellow pads, initially wear on new rims is alarming but it settles down.

The only issue is getting tubeless tyres on when new - allow for much time and much patience!

A friend had a set. One year of UK use on a regularly cleaned bike and he got rust on the rear wheel spokes where they crossed.

Wheels got sent back and due to lack of stock he got store credit, ended up going to Zipps.

Maybe not an issue if you somewhere warm and dry, and not something I experienced on many thousands of miles on a set of Mavic’s with similar lacing and spokes.