2h Seperate Z2 Ride VS. 45m Z2 After Every Interval Sessions

Hello everybody,

I am following SSB low volume and my target it 10 hour riding volume every week. I also do 1 hour strength training.
I am doing 4h ride at sunday and SSB low volume fills 3.5 hours in a week. So I still want to add 2-2.5 hour Z2 ride to my schedule.

Which is more benefıcial?
a) Doing 2 hour endurance ride seperately in one of the off days.
b) Adding 45m endurance ride end of the every SSB plan ride.
c) Doing longer alternatives of given SSB rides, if there is not a alternative reaching to 2 hour, filling it with Z2 at the end until reaches 2 hour.

I think doing Z2 after intervals could be helpful because of tired muscles and low glycogen to enhance Z2 benefits. At the other side If I consume carbs during intervals, is it bad for following Z2 benefits?
Cutting carb just before last interval in the session and entering Z2 block semi depleted could be benefıcial I think. I defiinetly want to consume carbs during ıntervals because it is also another training for the gut but I dont want to lose benefits from following Z2 block.

What is your suggestions?

What are your training goals? Is there a specific event you are targeting?

There are benefits to both approaches….which one is “better” may depend on your goals. Or it may simply require some experimentation. The answer isn’t always the same for each individual.

For me, the answer is almost always “more volume”, so I would defer to whichever option lets me bank more time in the saddle. That may or may not be the best option for you (but it very often is).

I am preparing for Stelvio Granfondo which is 157km and 4300m elevation. Probably It will take 7h hour.

In that case, I would opt for the 2 hour ride on Saturday and look to extend that ride as the event gets closer, up to at least 4 hours.

Just ride as much as you can and more than before and do what suits you better and make you happier. Basically overall volume is more important than granular breakdown of single rides. The best ride would be ride that is done.

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Actually, It is the best approach I think.
For the amateurs averaging like 10 hours a week it is mostly about the volume. other things like planning content of every ride will be just micro management. It will bring only stress at the end.
Thanks for your answer, it reminded me the basics again.

Extending interval sessions will be better for me. Because getting dressed, adjusting the PC and trainer makes me tired rather than training. So training one day less and extending the remaining sessions will be more heplful for me.

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