All Road Tire Recommendation

I am looking for a recommendation for an all road tire for my Salsa Warbird. Riding would be a mix of 75%road and 25% gravel. The gravel is pretty tame and most rides consist of a mix of both.

I currently have the 42 Pathfinders but think that might be a little more than I need. That being said most say they are a pretty fast rolling tire.

Any recommendations for a tire that would roll a little better but still be suitable for some gravel? Gravelking slick?

What kind of gravel? Is it reasonably tame where a slick would suffice?

They’re not cheap, but I’d try Rene Herse Snoqualmie Pass. They’re fast for the size and would be super comfortable with the volume.

I’ve run the 700x48 and 700x55 knobbies and they’re great tires.

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I would describe it as pretty tame and can throw on the pathfinders if getting into something more serious.

I have looked at those tires in the past. Are you running the standard? Do they provide reasonable puncture protection?

I’ve run the standard and endurance casings. Standard is a bit more supple, endurance a bit more durable but I’ve (knock on wood) had good luck.

Their made by Panaracer too. I’ve run the GK slicks before and had puncture issues. Might just be my bad luck.

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Were you running them tubeless? The gk slicks have a pretty thin tread so puncture relatively easy but seal well enough for an all road tire

GK SS+ it has some “ridges” on the tire edge to grab when leaned on dirt, but a nice smooth center like the slick. It’s a compromise that’s great on tarmac and “okay” on dirt. I put about 5k mi on a pair last year with a couple of pin hole (wire) punctures that Orange Seal took care of straight away.


Yup…tubeless with Orange Seal. Could be bad luck, but I had 2 ride ending flats on GK slicks so I’ve moved on.

@webdev511 These are good tires too! I found them a little slow on pavement but pretty robust.

Thanks. Do you think it is a better tire for road than the pathfinder?

I have not ridden Pathfinders, but based on the tread pattern alone I’d put Pathfinders on a bias of better for dry gravel & street, whereas the SS+ is more like street first with enough ridge on the edge to not just wash out on gravel turns like the slick would.

So IMHO it’s a matter of how aggressive are you going to be on gravel when the bike is leaned over? Ditto for if you’re okay with how you think the tread block on the Pathfinders (or any other tire including the SS) is likely to squirm in paved corners. The SS did squirm a little, but it wasn’t alarming when it did.

Im currently running pathfinders and they are kinda a weird tire for all road. For them to be fast on the road you have to pump them up enough to ride only on the center strip and then the side knobs dont really do anything on the dirt. If you air them down so you get more grip they feel slow on asphalt

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Agree and well described.

Maybe I’ll give the SS+ a try. Now the question do I go 38 or 43? 38 is probably enough for what I am looking to do

I mean if it truly is tame gravel and you have decent technical skill and know you are not racing I would just put some Continental GP5000 700x32 on it.

You can ride almost any “dirty” road on that tire haha.

****Edit - GP5000 S TR 700x32 is what I am referring to

I am partial to the Panaracer Gravel King SK I have them and really like them, though they are not the fastest tire on pavement they roll very smooth with virtually no squirm or tread noises. They grip quite well in sandy situations also. So far on 2nd season no flats, knock on wood!

Have really enjoyed the Pirelli Cinturato Ms I picked up at the beginning of this season (700x40).

Got them because my training routes and races aren’t super gnarly gravel, plus a certain amount of asphalt riding as well. It’s a pretty new tire design that’s gotten some really good reviews. My civilian logic is/was that Pirelli is a major tire manufacturer with R&D resources that would presumably port over from their car division. Feels like there’s a lot of licensed manufacturing going on within the biking segment. Think Panaracer is the manufacturer for Rene Herse. Wouldn’t be surprised if they manufactured for others as well. Really happy with the performance so far.

Edit: What pushed me over the edge for the Pirellis was a couple of reviews saying that they’ve had no major tires issues. I’ve got about 4k on mine so far. I’m running tubeless and haven’t seen any evidence of puncture on the sidewall, etc. to date.

Get two sets of wheels and tires.

I don’t think full slicks are useful if you’re going to be off road when it’s wet or loose. Id go Terra Speed or Gravel King SS. Maybe a slick in front and a side knob tire in the rear (I’m calling these “Skullet” tires) for a bit of aero (like 3w aero)

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