2400 Calorie energy drink

but it’s not just any fat, it is a specific fat.

I would say it’s not any more obscene than going out for a 4 hour ride and consuming 360g of carbs(sugar). As long as the MCT’s don’t slow digestion of the carbs, I don’t see the problem, unless you are actually consuming more than what you are burning.

I’ve got a 12+ hour race next weekend that I would totally love to rock this for, but I don’t have the time at this point to test it so I will be sticking to what I know works this go around.

My biggest question is if it’s shelf stable enough to still be ‘good’ 8 hours later. If you took a bottle of Hammer Perpetuem and left it outside unrefrigerated for 8 hours it would be like drinking spoiled milk.

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Agreed. This is they key to me, also why I’d be a little reluctant to make it warm water.

To be fair, the reason the hammer would go rancid is from the protein(soy iirc)

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I’ve had maltodextrin drinks go stringy in 24hours. Still drank it.

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Getting into the weeds on the topic of the thread but what’s the point of ingesting fats vs burning fat stores. A carb/glycogen deficit is still a card deficit no?

i THINK this is related on how the body access fats.
Like the one you ingest are there to be use more efficiently and faster, while the store one takes longer to convert…

I might be wrong tho…

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Nice work. This recipe is about double :smiley:

The other point about MCT that the cook in the video mentioned is that it makes the drink – even though made with water – have a ‘thicker, smoother’ texture, more like drinking a milk-based smoothie. Some of it was about taste / palatability.

MCTs differ from long chain triglycerides more abundant in adipose tissue traffic to the liver for faster metabolism than endongenous stores

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In English?

I’m seeing most sources listing 30gr as the top end of MCT consumption per day - but a lot of those are focused on health gains, not just wanting the calories.

Anyone wanna risk a few chamois and try to do more?

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I think there are studies linked above that say 30g per serving or 30g per hour.

Asker’s article says 30gr and say it’s about 3-7% of energy use - I’d think that if 30gr of MCT is at least around 250cal, and we are talking about 3-7% of energy use, we are considering a longer period than an hour.

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This PDF - that I have no idea of it’s basis in science - though it does have pictures of people in white coats so it must be OK, and seems to come from a .edu domain suggests up to 100g a day max.

A maximum daily dose of 50-100 grams has been suggested for improved gastrointestinal tolerance;… daily dose of MCTs should be increased as tolerated to the maximum daily dose, while equally dividing the dose across all meals.

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Watch about those white coats…:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

Someone posted some studies about MCT effects showing performance decrease and GI distress compared to 100% CHO when I asked the same question in this thread: https://www.trainerroad.com/forum/t/how-are-people-getting-100g-carbs-in-a-bottle/30328/347?u=lazydog

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For the sake of science, and the good of the Forum, I tried a version of this on Sunday’s long ride (~60 miles, 3500 feet elev gain, strong wind, 3:20 ride time, solo). I used 200 grams maltodextrin, 100 grams fructose and 35 grams MCT powder, for roughly 1500 kcal. Heated 500 ml of water in a stove top pot and mixed the ingredients in, then let cool while I did a swim workout. The resultant mixture filled a 750ml to the top (just enough room for 2 ice cubes). I took a second bottle of plain water to chase it with, and decided to take a chug (about 4-5 swallows) every 30 min starting at 30 min mark. It was fairly thick, but not enough to clog the bottle. The taste…I would put it somewhere between cotton candy and liquid Captain Crunch. It was extremely sweet and sometimes difficult to swallow (choked a few times). I used a little over half, so maybe 600ml, probably 800-900 kcal. Chasing it with water was a necessity. I find that Maurten leaves my mouth a little cottony/doesn’t feel like it’s hydrating me (fueling, yes; relieving thirst, maybe, but it doesn’t feel like it). This stuff??? 10x worse. I didn’t have any stomach upset, but I can’t picture using this in a race, much less in training. If somebody can come up with a high calorie drink that doesn’t have the sweetness and viscosity of pancake syrup, and is easy on the stomach, I’m game to try. But this recipe: “It’s a hard NO for me, Dawg”


Thanks for putting your gut (and your tongue) on the line in the interests of science.

iirc, GCN were describing this as an “8 hour bottle”. The sort of thing you would use for a double century ride. Which I guess means you were right about it not being appropriate for training or racing.

definitely could not use that for 8 hours. I didn’t want to finish what I had after 3 hours

Thanks, that’s interesting - you used a much higher ratio of fructose than in the video, and much less MCT. I believe that would make it a lot sweeter.