24 HOP, Cooling Techniques, Tolerating Stress, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 177

Hey guys! The TR updates, especially the calendar are awesome-10 stars.

Regarding 24 hour racing, here’s some of the things I’ve learned:

  • A 24 won’t be won on the first few laps, but it can be lost.

  • Throw some running into your preparation if there’s a LeMans start

  • Take a weekend and do 4-5 rides (with at least 2 at night) with some 3 hour breaks-specificity training

  • Use the first 5-6 laps to get a rhythm-smooth is fast

  • Rider #1&3 and #2&4 are responsible for each other-When 1 comes in, he should debrief/ wake up #3…when #2 comes in, he should wake up #4. You get the idea.

  • Have more than 1 “Camp Mom”

  • Ideally, everyone should have the same saddles, pedals, and gruppo on their bike.

  • DO NOT DO DOUBLE LAPS with a 4-person team. If someone needs to sit out a lap, keep the rotation going and get them back in.


  • You only need 1 bottle when on course, unless it’s wicked hot
  • Rice, eggs, oatmeal, potato &salt, canned fruit. Makes camp cleanup EZ too.
  • My favorite is two bite snacks: Tortilla with nutella/ banana/ honey/ and salt or tortilla with cream cheese, ham, and jam. Skratch and coffee. If you were in New England, I’d feed you whoopie pies too.
  • Easy on the caffeine too
    Bring beer for afterwards


Niterider pro on the bike (1800 lumen) and Exposure diablo (1200 lumen) on your helmet. Set the helmet light back on the helmet for better depth perception and balance. I use a day and a night helmet. Even in the no moonlight New Hampshire woods, I rarely need either light on high. When racing solo, I shut one off and run the other on low and wheel suck someone to use their light and save mine. No need for a blinkie light either (you will be considered a douche). Bring a small mag light as a 3rd light just in case.


I roll up a washcloth, clean socks, undershirt, jersey, and bibs and change into a clean kit after a lap. Baby wipes are wonderful to have. Sleeves, leg warmers, vest, LS jersey, beanie, gloves, glasses…have a few but don’t go crazy. 5-6 kits is usually enough.


Know the start and put your best runner up first. It will be crowded, but things thin out fast. Tempo is key. Get to the timing tent 15 min early. Make sure you pee. Have a blanket to wrap up in while you wait. Use the first 5 min of you lap to warm up, then go for it. Sip fluids all the time. Wheel suck as much as you can if it will help you, otherwise pass them. Always give kudos to the solo riders-we are miserable. Be able to hand off your bike at the end of you lap, get to camp, change and wipe off, get some food and fluid, and get horizontal. Sleep if you can, stretch, star gaze, but get the best rest you can.

Have an awesome time! 24 hour racing is an amazing experience.


@sonjap, got to stevebay on facebook. People will be bailing out of their commitment and registration will be sold there. You can also post that you are a rider looking for a team to ride with. After the new years, there are always people to replace a teammate and find the elusive last team mate.

Good luck,

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Have been using the exposure diablo for years. Great helmet light and a great “got home late and it’s getting dark light” Highly recommend.

Could we get a link to the lights they talked about on the pod? Couldn’t catch the exact name even after replaying it several times. TIA

Commented on above by others. But exposure lights all the way. not cheap, but you can sell them afterwards on ebay for 90 to 95% back.

They are called Jet Lites, but they are no longer in business, so no links to share :frowning:

Great idea. I really have no idea how to sprint!

I would also add, be prepared to adapt and know each riders skills in advance and play to them. If one of you, (perhaps the one with young children!!) is used to being up in the early hours they might be better adapted to riding then. The hours from 2-5 will be tough! If someone really doesn’t fancy the dusk period when light can be pretty awkward - it’s much easier in total darkness I find, and lap times slip meaning they’ll Be on course at the worst time make a switch.
Finally don’t all fight for the dawn lap - that one on a nice day can be pretty special!

Can we get any additional information on the cooling vest you all mentioned liking for training in heat indoors? Great pod guys. Thanks!!

I messaged Chad to see if he remembered which brand the ice vest was that he mentioned on the podcast (and couldn’t remember at the time) and he still isn’t 100% sure. They are currently on their way to Kona so he can’t look for it to see what kind it is, unfortunately.

Sorry, I don’t have more information!

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Thanks. If anyone knows more, I’m interested. I live in the heat and humidity, and the dog days of August are brutal, even indoors.

Any fan recommendations available in European shops with not too restrictive delivery options?

Big thanks to Eric for submitting his ATP question! Just reworked my 2019 ATP based on coach Chad’s advice as I too did my first HHH (Hotter’N Hell Hundred) this year and now have it set on the TR calendar (which is awesome) as my A race for next year! If you wanna experience 10k riders at a start line…make your way to Wichita Falls next August!

Used to ride 30mi/day during HS back home in the Bay Area and did my first century on a Diamondback Sorrento. Moved to TX and got hooked on golf for the past 20 yrs. National Bike Challenge helped me fall back in love with being on 2 wheels. Bought my first road bike last June, then a Kickr in April and Zwifted (can I mention that on here) my way to an 1800tss week @ Cycle The South - Relay For Life…350mi over 4 days. Found TR in June and put down 640tss for 8wks leading up to HHH. Got a stomach bug 2 days before the race…grrr… so missed out on the sub 5 goal but still enjoyed the HOT and WINDY ride!

So excited for all the 2019 goals Trainer Road will help me achieve! Sub 5 HHH, go from 3w/kg to 4w/kg, crit racing and KOMs!

I’m getting in on Thursday. Looking forward to social aspects of the event.

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I’m a single rider and if you get in I’d love a teammate!

Jonathan & Nate - do you guys have power onsite, or a generator (if they’re even allowed)?

I rented RV’s frequently before I bought one, and did a 24 hour race last summer. You’ll be surprised at how many appliances use more power than an RV’s backup batteries can supply. Every time I hear Nate mention power-hungry items like a microwave or a griddle for pancakes I cringe.

Also: water - you might want to get a 1-gal weed sprayer for bike and body wash without the worries of using too much of your onboard RV water supply.

Good luck!

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