24 HOP, Cooling Techniques, Tolerating Stress, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 177

November 4, 2018

Episode 177 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast is going to be a fun one! 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo registration is closed and it's time to strategize on endurance team racing, we'll discuss creative ways to stay cool on the bike, and the proper way to train your body to absorb more training stress. Join us live!

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“Is there a test in TR for 1min , 5min ,5sec?”


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Looks like the Facebook feed is not up. FYI.

Yea, we experienced some last minute technical difficulties. I put up a comment letting the FB users know with a link to the YouTube live stream.

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YouTube is streaming via AppleTv just fine.

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Can you make drill and sprint technique videos? :slight_smile:


Any tips or tricks for tapering or preparing for 11 days of crit racing? Next year my goal is to compete in tour of Americas dairyland hopefully doing all 11 races.

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Does the TR team get a corporate parking/camping spot at 24HOP? If not, get there as early as possible, preferably Wednesday or early Thursday. 24 Hour Town fills up fast. Also, Thursday night is a really fun social.


Great tips!

Not sure about a camping/parking spot yet, but if possible, we will be reserving one.

Thanks for talking me off the ledge on going for the high volume plans. Going to focus on getting the consistent 400-500 TSS for a year doing a base, build, base, build, specialized cycle all on mid volume.


Hi gents!

Excited you made it in for 24HOP! I have a fair amount of experience with the 24HOP and wouldn’t mind sharing some of the wisdom collected over the last 6 years. Here are a few pointers:

  • Single laps are always faster and easier to recover from.
  • If you come in in the top 3rd riders for the first lap then the second lap is the one with the less traffic (Nate’s lap??? Definitely my favorite lap).
  • Good lights makes night laps easier. I use light and motion with a 2000 lumens on the bar and 1700 on the helmet.

Feel free to send questions (logistics, equipment and or course)

See you soon!


Hello, really enjoy watching your podcast :slight_smile: Question about cooling. In the podcast you guys spoke about how effective thermoregulation is when training indoors and how this can affect performance. I tend to struggle indoors to produce much power (indoor FTP is 240W), but outdoors Ive held 290W for a 40km TT. I usually train indoors for 4 out of my 5 weekly workouts (with runs and swims on top of this), and my one “long/fun” ride is outdoors where I can hold significantly higher power outputs for the same perceived effort at significantly lower power outputs indoors (eg 250 Watts outdoors feels like 200 Watts indoors). This is my question, is all my indoor training where I am exposed to much higher levels of heat making my body better adapted to cooling itself, then when I go outdoors this effect allows me to push higher Watts because my body doesnt need nearly as much energy to cool itself as it is adapted to expelling more heat? (from the indoor sessiosn).

Hi Guys, For night lights, I would recommend Exposure. I’ve used them for road and off -road and they have specific ones for both. Not cheap but excellent products.


Question stemming from this PC. Johnathan briefly mentions stiffness and power transfer to the cranks. I was wondering if any conclusive work has been done on this subject? Are we talking 1-3 watt loss or? Just curious as I have an old noodlly titanium steed and am looking for concrete evidence to present to my wife so I can get a Venge; because it looks like the best bike I have ever seen.

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Thanks for the suggestion! We will definitely look into those lights!

After you test everything for 24 HOP, then come be serious for the 24 summer solstice MTB race up in Canada!
lots of daylight, the most all year! always a fun time, you guys would love it.


Took part in a 24 hour team-relay at Brands Hatch GP Circuit here in the UK about a fortnight ago. Safe to say the first three turns at between .94-.89IF with 100ft/mile of climbing including a few double digit grades was a bold strategy, especially in a team of three…

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I’m not sure of any research on the matter, but engineers could theoretically prove this and likely do when designing a bike.

Wish we had more data!

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I cant promise that itd be ready for your 24 HOP, but I helped these guys beta test this light at last year’s 18hrs of Fruita, and its great! A compact and terrific handle-bar mount light for Mountain Biking. It should have sufficient battery life for an hour long lap, without having to carry an additional battery.



I’d second that, excellent lights, mine are a bit old now and only downside is how long they take to charge.

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Hello! I loved this show (like all of them really). For some reason I am super intrigued by the 24 hour race and was considering signing up. But I was too late and now I am on the waiting list. Does anyone know (a) how to find out what the chances are of getting in when on the waitlist? (b) if there are any teams still looking for people? I guess I may just have to wait a year… while living vicariously through you and your detailed and awesome reports how to prepare for the event.

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