2024 Downieville Thread

Since there’s other race threads I thought I’d start one dedicated to Downieville since @Jonathan mentioned it as one of his goal races for the year, and myself doing the same.

Who got in? If so are you doing the all-mountain challenge or just XC?
I was signed up in 2020 for the AM challenge when it was cancelled due to Covid and am so excited to give it a go this year for AM with MUCH MUCH better fitness and body composition.

What’s everyone running for a bike setup?
Right now I have the new Mach 4 SL but am thinking of getting something new this year. The suspension is amazing but I wish it was a little longer/more stable but that’s my opinion after rallying it down our local DH trails all summer/fall where it was 100% not intended for.

Here’s the BIG QUESTION IMO, Tire choice. What’s everyone planning on running? Tire inserts?
A friend who got 13th in pro last year ran a maxxis severe up front with an aspen rear and obviously did well and I feel like our skills on are the same level so I’m thinking of running Aspen rear with something with a bit more tread up front, the old Forekaster was my go to for deep loose conditions but the new one seems a bit slower so not sure yet.

Training: What plans are people following?
Seems like the Marathon mtb program is a solid choice but IMO it’s almost like a dirt-TT with a long awesome descent at the end. Doesn’t seem like the hard start threshold intervals are necessarily the best training, but it is a mtb race, and it will go out too hard for sure, maybe just not sprint hard.

I’m not signed up for this as it is the weekend before Tahoe Trail, but when I did it back in the day (mid 90s) Dart Front/Smoke rear was spot on.

If I was in I’d be comfortable with a 2.35 Ray f/2.1 Ralph rear with inserts. I think that a Burt out back might be a bit less than the XC course needs due to the propensity of loose over hard on climbs.

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Ya I don’t love semi-slicks when it comes to loose over hard conditions. They’re kind of fun until you actually need something reliable. I was thinking about a Rekon/Rekon Race but came to the conclusion that I’d rather have an Aspen than a Rekon race (just personally I find the Aspen to be much more predictable, not better traction but more predictable).

This is an event I’d seriously love to do.

It’s fascinating seeing how it plays out from afar. Seems like you need to build a bike for lots of speed to be competitive, but watching the coverage/clips it looks like it would be pretty intimidating to ride some sections of the DH on pure XC stuff.

Macky does pretty well (and is a crazy good descender). We’ll worth watching their videos.

I hope we get to follow @Jonathan and Ivy (has she left the forum? I can’t seem to tag her) both in their training, planning, and hopefully some coverage of their racing. I know it takes a lot away from the experience though so I don’t begrudge not taking a GoPro everywhere.

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I was thinking of doing the XC again this year, did it in 2014/2015. I was pretty shocked at the $225 entry fee. You get over twice the suffering at the Tahoe Trail 100 for $140.

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Signed up for All mountain - depending on fitness might drop down to just XC closer to the race.
Likely running my Revel Rascal with Forecaster front and Rekon rear, same as last year. Not going to win so goal is to have fun and not flat. I ran this setup last year and it was nice. Ideally I’d be on a lighter weight XC bike but I currently only can have a quiver of 1 MTB and the rascal fits regular trail riding a bit better. Won’t stop me from shopping around and demoing in the spring though :slight_smile: Transition Spur looks real nice.

Big thing I am going to focus on this year is heat adaptation. I did all my training close to the coast in temperatures under 70 degrees last year and my GPS was reading 104 on the XC Climb, HR maxed out around 207 which is the highest I have ever seen. Had to get off and walk a bit… A similar climb at sea level in cool temperatures was no issue for me at the time either.

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I just got to spend a week with Macky up in BC on a ski trip at Powder Creek Lodge and it was so great to meet him. Super impressive athlete, and even more impressive attitude. Just a great guy all around!

I’m all signed up for the XC and can’t wait! I agree that the entry fee was surprisingly high, but I think a portion of the proceeds goes to Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, so that makes me feel better about it.

I think over the next few months we’re going to have lots of XC/Downcountry product releases that should be great for this race.


I’d be interested in that all mountain entry! message me