2021 Scott foil released

Because Trek decided to sell you big logo and add the bike in the price?:wink: I love the shape of the madone and they look amazing irl but this logo ruins whole bike for me.

And Foil looks amazing :slight_smile: little bit “fluid” to my taste as I prefer more angular shapes but it is one good looking bike.

***Every mechanic right now thinking about replacing cables/housing for these:


It is, but did they really put 28 mm deep wheels on an aero bike?

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I want to support my LBS (Trek) but some of the paint schemes are all about the logo!

(ironically I’m sitting here wearing a TrainerRoad t-shirt LOL)

The Scott Foil looks pretty sweet.


I really do not understand what they were thinking. The only reason I can think of - earn more money from Project One :wink:

And I do think that Madone in this painting scheme is one of the best looking bikes I have ever seen (the very important thing - there is a bike behind the logo) :

On the other hand - I ride the emonda ALR and I definitely do not want to support my LBS after whole experience :slight_smile:



Yeah, agreed.

For those that don’t want the logo only a few non p1 now apparently. The ride is just so stinking amazing. I’m not one to xroon about how amazing a bike rides as I’m not that perceptive but holy cow. Just try it.

Sorry for the hijack, now back to the foil.


Guess they’re trying to keep the price “competitive”. It’s a pity because I’d immediately want to put a pair of Hunts or similar on it and that’s another £~1k right there sigh.

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Anyone figure out how to set up TT bars on this new Foil 2021 as it is set up with the new handlebar set up? I wrote to Syncros and they do not have TT bars for bike… Cheers, Sydney

Short of swapping the bars + stem I think you’d be out of options?

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Spent months trying to figure out which bike to buy and it came down to two choices. TREK Madone SLR7 or Scott Foil 10 and after trying both these bikes in my local area (Lake District ) it came down to which one can climb and fly.
Hands down the Foil was the clear winner, now bring on the Fred Whitton 2021 and make hay in the sunshine.

I don’t see disc brakes on this bike.

definitely disk breaks

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My reply was to Jozsef. He said he loved his, but posted a picture of a different bike.

That paint job on the Emonda is one of my favs… if I only had $10K for a bike…

All about the logo…

Looks at my Domane in corner with dark, matte blue paint and chrome logo… LOL

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They can’t make fun of your logo if they can’t keep up. I actually don’t mind it, I still prefer the smaller one, but I also prefer the big logo to what some manufacturers did/used to do when they put their logo on EVERY SINGLE TUBE, totaling a dozen, just so you don’t forget cough Trek cough. Also prefer it to some of the busier paint schemes we used to see cough Scott cough

but I’m only a dentist…