2020 Norco HT 1 120Sizing

I’m strongly considering the 2020 Norco HT 1 120. The build is respectable for the price, geometry looks interesting (in a good way), the 120 is familiar (for me), and the Norco team has made some solid gains on this bike. I just can’t seem to find any reviews on the hardtail. Moreover, the sizing is drastically different, which I appreciate but is keeping me from… “pulling the trigger.” I am 6’1"+ and currently ride an XL 2018 Scott Spark (NOT RC), which was a decently long bike when I got it, and I love this bike. Norco’s size chart says to go with an XL but they seem huge; nearly a two inch longer reach and a longer wheel base on a HT, which doesn’t seem normal. The local bike dudes say to size down but they all ride enduro bikes. I am open to new ideas but this sizing is drastically different. Anyone own one of these or have any input regarding Norco’s sizing.