Scott Spark Sizing

Looking at pulling the trigger on a Spark 910 but tossing up sizing. I’m 180cm tall with an inseam of 87cm. The Scott website puts me about 1/4 of the way into the L range. However looking at Lee McCormack’s RAD system my RAD measures out at 81cm. Putting the Spark’s geometry into an online geometry calculator Bike Geometry Calculator - MAD SCIENTIST MTB I came out with a RAD of 812 for a medium and 837 for a large which makes me think a medium will fit me better. Any spark riders have any advice? I’m mainly looking to use it for marathon racing.

I do ride a spark, but it’s the prior generation RC and I’m not sure it’s relevant anyway. My general line of thinking when I’m between sizes is to size down road bikes and size up MTB’s. A larger MTB under me always feels more stable and more comfortable for long marathon races. For what it’s worth, I’m about 183cm and ride a large spark RC XC bike and an XL Intense ACV trail bike. The scott feels small if anything, but I wouldn’t go bigger. Bikes have gotten slacker in the last several years, so I might be a little more hesitant to size up, but I still think going bigger on a MTB is the right call when on the fence. Obviously, demo or borrow a bike for a test ride if possible, but I know that can be tough with availability these days.

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I have RC 2020 model. I’m 179cm with 82 inseam and M is perfect… but for 87 inseam I would probably suggest L

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I ride Spark RC 900 World Cup. I’m 186cm and have a large frame.

Agree with above, especially for MTB. When between sizes, with a larger frame you will generally feel more “in the bike” and be more comfortable. With a smaller frame you may feel “on the bike”.

Either size would work and can be adjusted with fit. However, the bar/stem is one piece so if you go with a medium and feel cramped, you’d need a whole new bar/stem.

Also, smaller frame tends to be more nimble and playful while a larger frame is more planted and confidence inspiring. So depending on your preferences, consider this as well.