2020 / 2021 Olympic Cycling Racing Discussion

Looks like Anna K is racing super smart!

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I believe yes

I don’t really watch a lot of racing but the lack of cooperation in the peleton is baffling me. I know most of them don’t want to help the Dutch crew, but doing nothing while the 3 in the break just ride to the medals…

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That’s part of what makes it interesting! :grinning:

Prisoner’s dilemma - Wikipedia


Wow what an amazing effort! :muscle: That will certainly be life changing!

Maybe one day we can get a race report here. :laughing:


Amazing @Anna_K !!! :1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal:


Apparently Dutch TV mics picked up a “I thought I was in first”. Oops. Really well done from Kiesenhofer.


The Dutch were trying to run the podium, so they didn’t take the responsibility of having the strongest team, but they should have been chasing, too bad for them. They chased in the end but should have started sooner. (obviously hindsight is 20/20)

They apparently didn’t know that there was still @Anna_K up the road

Well that would explain the tactics!
Remember that there are no radios

Fantastic from @Anna_K, huge congratulations!!


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Not bad Sunday’s group ride @Anna_K :slight_smile: Huge congrats!


Not really a “group” ride! :joy:

Still smiling, that was amazing!

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@Anna_K that was some race! One of the most entertaining races I’ve seen in a very long time. Congratulations on the well deserved gold medal and good luck for the TT.


Yep, Mark Watson. Get on Twitter, maybe we can get him off the NZ coverage. It’s insulting to have someone so uneducated on the sport calling the Olympics.

I want to put him in the #hurtbox


Damn. My poor nerves can’t take a race like this. That’s one legendary Gold Medal for the history books!

Oh and apparently many in the chasing group thought it was all back together. Funny how they missed that. Well, made for great racing!
Edit: Anna van der Breggen just said in an interview, they really thought they were racing for the victory. During the race they would go back to the DS car to ask for gaps, but that’s obviously not possible in the final. And apparently the sign at the finish line was showing +1:32 when the group past it before the last lap. But that were the two other riders from the breakaway. No mention of Kiesenhofer, So once they caught the two, they thought the gold was up fro grabs.
Looks silly in hindsight, but I don’t think you can blame them lol

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Austria not even got a spot for the womans TT…
Congrats to the medal :medal_sports:

Ah that’s a shame. Would have been great to see her in the TT as well.

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They should get rid of race radios in bike racing. A huge part of the sport at amateur levels is keeping track of who is where. Having someone omniscient in your ear completely kills that part of the strategy.