2020 / 2021 Olympic Cycling Racing Discussion

Women RR - Vollering
The course is not that tough and it’s either Dutch women allowing a break with one of them go, knowing that they will win from the break or bunch sprint with Vos or Vollering. Vollering seems to be really good this year.
Women TT - Dygert
If she is anywhere she was before, then I do not see anyone else beating her.
Women MTB - Loana
Seems like no brainer but obviously you can never be 100% certain.
Men RR - Van Aert
Looks to good right now and has strong team. As one of the previous posters said, Pogacar might not deal with heat too well, otherwise it would be him. Generally, smaller athletes are better in heat so Van Aert is not the most sensible pick, but Roglic and Evenepoel are somawhat unproven after their injuries and I do not see anyone else winning, unless its a stalemate after some outsider attcks.
Men TT - Dennis
Had plenty of time to prepare and will be solid in this somewhat hilly and not very short course.
Men MTB - Pidcock/Flueckiger (sp)
Just could not decide between two. Would have given it to Tom if not for the broken collarbone

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Finally seeing some images and clips from the XCO course after the athletes track walk yesterday. I’m picking it favours Flueckiger over Pidcock more now. Pidcock is good technically no doubt, but I think Matthias is better/more proven.

Might aid in Schurter’s defense chances being both warm and technical, both factors he enjoys in a race.

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It seems someone has dumped a bunch of asphalt on the road race course, presumably to protest that the Olympics are taking place during a pandemic with infections on the rise.

I’m not a BMXer but after meeting Peyton Ridenour and spending lots of time with her coach, I’m really excited about watching her and hoping she medals.

It’s almost time!
Womens road race: impossible to look past the dutch I think Vollering takes it in the sprint from a reduced group. (Or maybe van Vleuten makes another epic solo breakaway :grin:)

Womens TT: I say van Vleuten. She skipped the biggest womens race to prepare for this. I think she will be unbeatable. Either way I am certain both, her and Anna will make the podium.

Mens Road race: very hard to guess. This course is such a mixed bag. But given how dominant Pogacar was, it’s hard to bet past him. (With Roglic as team mate no less!). Although if Wout manages to stick with the favourites or get back to them before the finish, he will destroy those tiny climbers in the sprint.

Mens TT: Dumoulin! This course is perfect for him and I kinda think his pause only improved his fitness.

Don’t really know anything about the other disciplines, but will watch with enjoyment.



I have a feeling it’s going to look a little like the Beijing RR. Except swap in WvA for Cancellara freight training back to the lead group after the final climb.

It looks like the odds makers don’t think it’ll be a pure climber type either.

I know MvdP left early and has phenomenal recovery but that TT effort from him was deep. I wonder if trying to hold yellow for longer will have hurt his prep.

Either way I’m glad my job is in streaming so I have to watch the races!

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There’s more footage from the first day of practice. KC and the Americans look comfortable. It’ll be interesting to see how Jolanda’s form is after her injury, this course suits her.

I wish I could see some practice from Pidcock, MVdP and others.


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The Belgians looking to go off the front early? Or just patrolling?

Can I just say, from a lowly American’s perspective, it was quite disheartening to see not even a single acknowledgement of our US cyclists during the opening ceremony’s segment hosted by The Rock. I’m not talking about a full profile, but just a clip of a cyclist riding a bike; they didn’t even show that. Based on what I saw, one wouldn’t even begin to think the U.S. might have cyclists competing in the Olympic Games (aside from maybe BMX).


If there was going to be a crash, you knew it’d be him :man_facepalming:.


Temperature change will suit a certain Slovenian. Also, Tao obviously doesn’t enjoy the heat. He looked extremely uncomfortable when riding with G amongst the cars.

Greg Van Avernmaert is doing an incredible mountain of work. Totally validating his (contentious) selection.


Go George :crossed_fingers:


With 90k to go, a few surprises so far. Valverde and Remi Cavagna dropped.

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This could go to whoever did their heat acclimatisation training best…

And those with fresher legs. A lot of riders coming directly from 3 weeks of Tour de France.

Agreed. Geoghan-hart was sitting fifth wheel before looking like melted death.

Interesting watching G get so many bottles and gels so vigorously stuck. Feels like he’d be better off pulling pin :man_shrugging:.

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Agreed but I think he’s going to hang in there despite being out of contention. Maybe out of pride, maybe on the off chance he can help the team.

How the heck Tratnik can do this I just can’t see.

GvA was a beast and had to drop the anchor big time.

WvA back onto Pogacar, McNulty, Woods et al :muscle: