2 weeks on, 1 week off. Views?

I have quite a stressful job and really struggle to nail the 5 on, 1 off plans.

I feel like I can smash through a 2 week block, regardless of work, knowing a weeks rest is forthcoming. I calculate I can increase TSS (using the TR workout banding) taking this approach


Go for it.

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Man I feel you. I’m on my feet all day at work and was thinking about changing things up as well. I usually fly through the first 2 weeks of any block, then find myself struggling the 3rd week, usually able to push through knowing I have a rest week coming up (in a 3 on 1 off block). But, like you, struggle to finish a longer 5 on 1 off block with any consistency. Though my other thought is that I’m going too hard the first two weeks and it catches up to me.

Another way to look at it is, why smash in the first place?

There might be benefits to finding a happy medium where you dont need rest weeks, but rather find a balance in intensity and riding so you can keep on riding week in and week out.

Maybe try less intensity, such as the polarised plans. 1-2 hard days per week, the rest being z2 rides and focus on just enjoying riding the bike.

Its been a bit too harshly imprinted by TR that every ride needs to be hard and intervals for gains to be made.


This has worked for me…

2 weeks / 14 days on / work…
then 5 days recovery (mini Recovery week during the weekdays)
then 2 days work to make use of the weeksend (I train Saturday and Sunday)
Repeat / roll into the next 14 on days

This works out
14 work, 5 recovery, 2+14 work (16 days), 5 recovery, 2 + 14 etc

So once the pattern is up and running its
16 / 5 days
16 days work (with normal rest days), 5 recovery days repeat…

Might be worth considering.

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I’m on the same page as @Dubadai

OP - Are you on a low volume plan?

If not, it’s worth considering - focus on 2 or 3 60min workouts a week that you can nail - squeeze in longer rides when you have time. This is currently my approach when navigating a busy work schedule.

I don’t schedule recovery weeks - I usually automatically have them during weeks I have deadlines or work trips. Which will turn out to be no or little biking during the weekday and then I’ll still continue to do my long z2 rides on weekends.

I have a friend, a late 40s masters female athlete. She’s been doing the 2/1 for a couple of years and she’s getting excellent results and making podiums in races. Her on weeks are 10 hours. Her off weeks are 6 hours.

This kind of periodization seems to result in being pretty fit all year long though maybe not hitting the highest peaks. Most of us probably want this anyway since we aren’t racing the World Championships. :slight_smile:

Another strategy is to do two interval workouts per week for the two weeks and then take a couple off/easy days and then do 1 workout in the off week. Follow that with a few more easy days until you get to the next build week. In the easy week, that workout could be a couple sets of tabatas or any short/short interval workout for anaerobic capacity. Like cleaning out the pipes on an old Ferrari.

I wrote up some guides & options for different work to recovery ratios. Worked well for me at the time for all phases as shown. The only issue is that TR removed the Push/Pull functions, so making these mods is now much more of a pain. But here they are for reference anyway:


Go for it. The maximum training volume you can do is limited by your ability to recover. If you try and train more than that limit, you will overreach and will not gain fitness.

If life means you can only do two weeks on, then need a week of recovery, then that’s what you need to do.

Thanks - yeah will do. Feel like I can up the stress and do x3 1.5 hour workouts plus an easy ride and an outdoor ride knowing a rest week is just around the corner. Higher stress as opposed to a more inconsistent pattern where some weeks I struggle to get one workout done

Consistency (and hence a sustainable plan) has to tbe the number 1 priority for performance gains and overall health, so is 2:1 is what you need and gets you there then go for it, as others have said.

I did 2/1 for a while. Worked great for me. The 1 was rather 4 days of rest and then back into it.

Fully agree!

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How many intensity days do you have during the week?

I’m in the camp of those saying “Go for it”.

This - being able to select the work / recovery ratio - is my big request for improving TR’s plan builder. Whether it is because of work / life stress, age, or whatever people have found works best for them.

The only issue is that TR removed the Push/Pull functions, so making these mods is now much more of a pain.

A possibility would be to make a plan for makro-periodization yourself and use TrainNow to find suitable workouts. That should work with another meso-cycle of on/off weeks. Just an idea.

A event / peak fitness
3 weeks specialty
6-9 weeks build
12 weeks base

I would stick to two workouts per week plus endurance riding. You shouldn’t need to crush yourself because you know you have an easy week coming up. It’s probably counter productive.

Yeah that’s kind of my plan. Two productive SS workouts this week, and Endurance ride… 30 min Peleton blast tomorrow then an outdoor ride on Sunday

Nailing two or three productive workouts then volume but with a recovery week every third week

The productive workouts were longer than the normal
Workouts which is where I’m heading (longer productive workouts) plus volume. When I say crush it’s really ensuring I focus on at least two solid sessions and nail them, not destroy myself

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