2 month old Kickr Snap took a crap already

I recently upgraded from a Kurt Kinetic using virtualpower to a new Kickr Snap. Had many issues getting the power to seem about equal to what I was getting with VP and the PM on my road bike ( I use a dedicated trainer bike with no power meter). After a few factory spindowns and endless adjustments to the roller pressure, I finally got it to produce power numbers that I could believe…fast forward two weeks and it developed a really bad thump, tried tightening the flywheel bolt and the roller bolts but no change. I sent it back and they are supposed to send me a new one when the get confirmation that I sent it out. I don’t know if I want to deal with a trainer that I am going to have issues with constantly…thinking of selling it and going back to the Kinetic.

@craigmanning, I had a similar issue with a KICKR SNAP that I bought from the LBS and the drum wasn’t properly set. I got a replacement from Wahoo and it hasn’t given me any issues since. I’ve since added Assioma’s and discovered I’m losing quite a bit of power in the drivetrain (SNAP registers consistently lower than the pedals). If you are using a different bike without a power meter on the trainer, you may have to figure out how to translate the SNAP power to what you get on your other bike.
It hasn’t been my experience, though, that the issues are constant or recurring.