105 left side 4iiii power meter... on a fixed gear!?

So,I’m looking into upgrading my bicycle with Rotor crankset and crank spider power meter in order to get two sides power reading, which leaves me on what to do with my current 105 crankset with 4iii left side power meter.

I have a fixed gear with some cheap crankset that could use a better quality one. Do any of you have experience with a similar setup? Do you think that a power meter would go to waste on a fixed gear? Thanks for your input!

It would be a waste not to use it.

As above. Unless you need to sell it, do it.

Done many thousands of miles fixed with a Stages GXP.

Planning on doing the same, what’s a fair deal on 130bcd rings that work ok with a track chain?

Gebhardt sell 130bcd chainrings for 1/8" track chains.

It’s worth experimenting with, but fixies put loads onto cranks that regular freewheel bikes don’t. This may confuse the power meter - there are different versions of the SRM power meter for road and track because using the road one on a fixie confuses it.
There’s no harm in giving it a go and seeing what happens, provided you have enough clearance between the crank arm and the chainstay. I use my Powertap pedals on the fixie and it seems to work fine.