105 Di2 confirmed…and now 12 spd mechanical? (Updated)

Ok, so what’s the benefit of 105 Di2 over Rival AXS if you were shopping for a new bike/groupset? I don’t see it :man_shrugging:

Depends… usually is just taste.
But now it may also means who supports your bike.
Shimano abandoned rim brakes on they new groupsets. So you need to take that into consideration.

No, road discs were the standard well before 2019…the shift began in ~2016. Most companies offered two versions of rad bikes, one rim and the other disc. Consumers voted overwhelmingly for discs…

The shift to road discs has always been driven by the consumers, not component suppliers.

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And so did SRAM, so they seem to match now in that aspect.

I seem to recall that Rival does not allow multiple shifts for one button push…you had to click the paddle for every shift. 105 offers all the same shifting functionality (minus the top button) as DA and Ultegra.

Hmm, I thought Rival will shift across the cassette with a single tap and hold. Isn’t this a simple config option in SRAM app?

Yes. I am aware.
My point is that it wasn’t until somewhat recently that bike manufacturers fully went disc and until 2021 when the TT/Triathlon bikes went 100% disc.
So you could easily have an 11 speed bike that you bought in 2019 and cannot longer upgrade…

Although I get the business aspects of doing this, I feel its somewhat a slap in the face.
One thing is that all new bikes come with disc.
Another is that there is now a very sharp line, and there is no way (right now) to make your older bike shimano 105 12 speeds.

You can still buy sram with rim brakes.

I mean…its $4k, but you can still buy it.

I don’t know…just my recollection that it was one push / one shift. I’ll gladly defer to Rival users on this one.

OK, top-tier only, but good to know.

Force too…

Rival might be the only one that do not have disc brakes…
Maybe you can mix and match?

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Looks like that is correct…

You can also do things like alter the Multishift setting to select the number of sprockets the chain moves when you press and hold a shift lever

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Over the last year I’ve had Rival, Force, and Red rear derailleurs and they are basically the same. Biggest differences are weight and price.

Damn. No offense bike industry, but there’s a lot of us who still ride rim brakes and shift with cables. Arg. OK, off my old man soapbox.


There are lots of us who ride disc brakes and want to keep shifting with cables, too!


Plenty of options out there…choose Campag or Microshift for starters.

Despite having just gone 12 spd Ultegra, I’m largely with you…the boys out of Potenza Italy would love your business!

Still have the impression that Ultegra is the sweet spot for price/value in the Shimano line-up - want to wait until the dust settles a bit on the various components to confirm

If it came on the electronic shimano 105 came on a new bike I guess I’d buy it but it sounds like it’s going to be expensive on its’s own especially compared to sram rival axs

Holy crap with that price it will probably replace ultegra mech. Or else the entry price for Performance bikes will get even higher…. Unless oem pricing is way lower.

  • I haven’t read this, but there’s one resource just posted:
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