Dura Ace mechanical or Ultegra Di2?

Am putting a new bike together and moving over to disc brakes. For various reasons I want to go with a Shimano 11 speed groupset but am struggling to decide whether to go with Dura Ace mechanical or Ultegra Di2.

Both are roughly the same price at the moment. I’m kind of leaning towards Dura Ace because I’ve never used an electronic groupset so won’t be missing anything. On the other hand it’s going to be an easier build with Di2.

Still early days as I haven’t chosen a frameset yet… that’ll be my next question :slight_smile:

Di2 every day of the week.


If you aren’t too fussed about Di2, save money and get Ultegra Mechanical.

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Di2 every time. A warning though, if you have mechanical road groups on other bikes it will leave you wanting to switch those to Di2 as well.



Mech vs. Di2 is a different matter. If money isn’t a concern, Ultegra Di2. If you are keeping costs down, go mech.

Ultegra di2 all day. I’m surprised they still offer Dura Ace mechanical, it’s a rare sight on the road these days.


I upgraded to Di2 recently. Il’l never go back to mechanical. The shifting is unbelievably good. I wish I did it a lot earlier than I did.


Mechanical is sometimes better - a rider in a local group ride was stuck in the small ring for the whole duration of the ride as he forgot to charge is Di2.

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Anyone who isn’t going to charge the battery is probably the kind of person who forgets to replace their shift cables and doesn’t regularly tune their drive train.

I’ve been on at least a handful of rides where a rear shift cable has frayed or snapped and they are left with 2 gears (common issue on shimano right at the hood) . I’ve been on countless rides where people have nagging shifting problems because they have dirty cables or just need adjustment. I’ve never been on a ride where someone’s battery has died.

I’ll agree that there are situations where mechanical is better, but I’d argue that chances are much higher to have a problem with mechanical compared to electronic. I’ve Di2 it on my 2 primary road bikes for 5+ years and not a single issue and no need to replace housings and cables every 6-12 months. You don’t even need to adjust it, it just shifts perfect every time. I still have bikes with mechanical and it works fine when it’s properly tuned and maintained, but electronic is so much better for me.



I find the best use of the little di2 wireless unit is that it reports battery status to my head unit. When it gets down to 20%, I charge the di2 battery.


No question


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Definitely Di2

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How does that make mechanical sometimes better? Noo sympathy for the idiot who forgets to charge it. Probably the same guy who has no tubes, nutrition etc

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I have both and prefer Di2.
The Dura Ace is nice but really only cos its Dura Ace, I wish I had saved some money on a lower spec gravel bike and upgraded my MTB to Di2

Have have Dura ace on my main bike for maybe 5 years. Other bike has ultegra levels with 105 mechs.

Honestly no difference between them. I am not a fan of 105 levers as they are metal, but otherwise not fussy.

On that basis I would pick Ultegra mechanical or Di2 depending on what you prefer and can afford.

Another vote for Di2 every single day of the week.

Another vote for Di2 if it’s that or Dura Ace mechanal for the same price.

I’ve swapped out 6800 to 6870 on my road bike and like it so much I made the swap on my TT/Tri bike. That had Dura Ace 9000 and is now sporting a combo of R671/9071 shifters and 6870 derailleurs. I found the front derailleurs were finicky to setup for first gen 11 speed (6800 and 9000) and 2nd gen was better (R8000) but still not easy compared to 10 speed. Di2 simply made front shifting so much better.

If cost is an concern Ultegra mechanical is the best bang for buck over Dura Ace and a nice step up from 105 both weight and refinement wise.

We were on a multiday trip when this happened to my friend. Luckily she stalked the local Facebook marketplace for bike parts and messaged a random person who let her borrow the charger

Di2 without question

My LBS actually talked me out of Di2 on my road bike!!!

It’ll be more costly to replace any individual damaged component, and if anything does break away from home chances are you can walk into any random bike shop and get a fix of you have mechanical.

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