105 Di2 confirmed…and now 12 spd mechanical? (Updated)

11-speed is great.
Di2 is great.
Ultegra is great.

New 105 will add nothing to your life except a lighter wallet and frusration when you try and buy it.

Hope that helps


How will I control my garmin without the extra buttons?

Not going to lie, this is a major perk for me. I love never having to remove a hand to cycle pages, start laps, etc.


Why even contemplate this? you already have electronic shifting, the Ultegra will probably be lighter and the 1 gear more will not be noticable, since the range doesn’t really change… There really is no reason to upgrade from Ultegra Di2 11spd if you don’t need to replace most of the components due to wear…


It makes no sense whatsoever to contemplate an upgrade.

Gaining weight for an extra cog in the middle of the range is not worth anything…and, similar, to Rival AXS, I’ll bet we find out that 105 is lacking is some features that Ultegra already has.


I’ve been convinced :rofl:

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No way this is the actual price.
that SEEMS, do I dare to say, not horrible priced?
I mean…There are a lot missing from it, like battery and other stuff…

And chain, cassette, etc. My guess is that they are just gonna use the battery that already exists for 12 spd Di2, though.

But it is kinda inline with GRX Di2 pricing…IIRC, a shifter / brake caliper set is ~$400, which lines up with this 105 stuff.

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I think we could expect to see a whole group set to sell for about $1500, which in todays crazy world seems like a not that crazy price

I heard £1800, which is more like $2200*. Will see when it launches though!

*although prices tend to be the same no matter what currency these days…

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If it’s $2200 I’ll just buy a new bike with the new groupset on it for $6000 lol

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So based on the GCN video…

  • all electronic guts and battery are the same across all platforms
  • FD is basically the old Ultegra / DA FD (see overall size / shape)
  • 11-36 cassette coming soon (no word if it will work w/ Ultegra)
  • 2 coin cell batteries in shifters vs. 1 in Ultegra / DA
  • No top buttons on shifters, will not accommodate satellite shifters
  • Crank launches w/ 50/34, 52/36 to follow later.
  • Cassette has Hyperglide tech, not Hyperglide +
  • Increased pad clearance for disc brakes, no rim brake option
  • 105 level Carbon wheels (32 & 46mm depths), 21mm internal width
  • Slightly heavier components…especially cassette. Surprisingly, the crank is only 60g heavier than Ultegra
  • No real answer on pricing
  • No word on mechanical version…kinda sounds like “no”, IMO
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SRAM Rival eTap AXS retails for £1,268 in its 2x road configuration, or £1,470 with a power meter. In its 1x format, it retails for £1,056, or £1,258 with a power meter.

Shimano’s 105 Di2 has an RRP of £1,730 / $1,890. European and Australian pricing is to be confirmed.

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More tech details (and answering some of the questions I noted above…)

  • 105 Di2 can be used with 12-speed Ultegra and Dura-Ace parts, within certain restraints around derailleur compatibility.
  • The 105 11-36T cassette can’t be used with the shorter rear deraillaur cage of Ultegra and Dura-Ace
  • The brake hoods have also been updated to the same shape as 12-speed Dura-Ace and Ultegra, with a raised hood, more ergonomic shape ( find this interesting as hood shape has traditionally been a point of difference between the groups)

More details…

  • The new 105 levers also miss out on Shimano’s Servo Wave pivot mechanism which alters the leverage ratio throughout the stroke of the brake lever, so modulation won’t match that of the newest levers from both the top two groupsets.
  • Shimano was only able to say it is expecting availability come late summer 2022 in North America.
  • According to Shimano, a complete groupset tips the scales at a touch over 3 kg, including wires and battery. That’s an additional ~560 g over a Dura-Ace groupset and ~360 g over the Ultegra-level Di2 offering.
  • the SRAM Rival Etap AXS groupset, is approximately 120 g heavier than the new R7100 Di2.

How does that compare to Ultegra and Dura-ace Di2 and what mechanical 105 used to be?

A full build at retail pricing is $1,887, compared to $1,140 for 11-speed mechanical 105.

One of the articles says it is also ~$300 more than the outgoing 11 spd Ultegra mechanical.

Strange and exciting times we live in.

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this is a huge bummer.
They are basically abandoning most road bikes built and shipped before 2019 (when the TdF started using them)
IIRC, disc brakes became a standard not even 2 years ago on all bikes.
this is a shame…

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