10 months to train - first timer!

Long time cyclist, first time trainer here. I’ve been riding at racing with my local club for 7 years now but have never put in any structured training. So here I am. Pulling my finger out.
(Currently 82kg, 320w for 20 min power. Racing local club races about fortnightly. Have between 3 & 7 hours per week to train)

My goal race is October 2020. Unsure of the course at this stage but it’s likely to be a rolling 60/70km. There’s also a crit and hill climb in the same week/event, but these are not my strong points, so focus is the road race.

My plan is to create a plan from base, to build, to specialty over the next 10 months.

My questions is, what would be the best plan to follow in the weeks leading to my target race? At the moment I’ve got pencilled in the Rolling Road race mid volume, finishing the week before the race. I’ll then build my next 10 months building the plan to build up to that point.

Does this sound like a reasonable plan? (As I said, this whole ‘training’ thing is new to me)

Try the plan builder, it will automatically select the right plans for you and fit them into the time available.

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+1 for Plan Builder

The official announcement with lots of info and answers to many questions.

TrainerRoad Blog – 18 Dec 19

Introducing Plan Builder - TrainerRoad Blog

The Plan Builder info on the support site.

The Plan Builder FAQ that is in a different section.

Thanks guys,

Plan builder done. Easy. Now let’s see how it goes! :smiley: