1 x 1.5 hour workout vs 2 x 1 hour workout

Fairly simple question that I couldn’t find a quick answer to.

Given the daily stress of life and all that goes with families etc, in a low volume base plan am I better off doing 2 x 1 hour workouts say Eclipse & Carson or a 90 minute workout such as Carson +2?

So in a busy week would I lose much by just doing a 90 minute version of a planned workout vs the 2 x 1 hour workouts?

I would assume the benefits lost wouldn’t be too grate given that I am taking off an extra warm up and cool down block so maybe only losing 10-15 minutes of targeted work?

With only 3 workouts/week in LV, it would be better to do all 3 instead of cutting it down to 2. Yes, you’ll be saving time but probably also not building fitness; too much rest, not enough work. It would be great if you could do a single 3.5hr workout/week and be done with it, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

That being said, you gotta do what you gotta do. Lots of creative solutions out there. :+1:

edit: looks as though you’re not the only one with this consideration today:


3.5 hours on the trainer sounds horrific! But i get your point!

First off, are you riding outdoors in addition to the TR workouts?

Yeah I will typically do a very easy club ride for 2-3 hours at the weekend. Noodling with a couple of small segment races, very low exertion levels.

Okay that’s a pretty big detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. Noodling is still good for some base fitness.

In this case, I’d say 2 TR workouts can be sufficient, even if not ideal. Try for 3 when possible, but don’t lose sleep over doing 2 as outlined in your original post.

Or better yet, do 2X 90 minute workouts.

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