Garmin Rally Power Meter Pedals: Look Road, Shimano Road & MTB

This might be of interest to some of the users on here. It will be interesting to see how they stack up against the SRM version.


Circular reference is circular, but broken.

For clarity, I removed the source TR thread (referenced by CT) since it violated an apparent release embargo in place by Garmin. But CT snagged what they did for pics and info, so what’s out is out.

I guess there can be more speculation until we get official info in the future.


Ahhhh. Not quite the same, but:


I’m curious how and independent site like TR is beholden to a third party like Garmin? You are under no embargoed agreement with Garmin.


TR aren’t really. But the path this specific info took to get here was. Those parties involved (not TR) wanted it removed, so I chose to abide by their wishes and remove it. It’s embargo related, even if it’s not a direct connection to TR. Sorry if my wording is confusing. Been messy to handle this today.


Tricky situation @mcneese.chad

I back your judgement. And look forward to a SRM/Garmin/Favero hack? SPD shootout soon.


I hope that the parties involved showed no animosity towards the original poster. That wouldn’t be fair and would seriously color my opinion of Garmin.

None that I am aware of. But the info lead to a bit of a dust up in a number of directions from the small bits I’ve heard. Not really sure on specifics of who or what, but it kicked off some decent activity for a while based on the peripheral stuff I dealt with.


Seems like some grey area in regards to spy shots. It’s one thing to snag a sneaky photo at an event, it’s quite another to post pictures of an individuals vehicle complete with their business on the side of said vehicle (proto bike on back) in the name of breaking a “story” about a prototype bike. I can’t believe PB got away with that.

Makes sense and I value your judgement. Thanks Chad.


Ehh I think it’s the responsibility of the manufacturer and their testers to do everything they can to protect their IP if they think it’s valuable. PB’s job is to report on the MTB industry and to break these exact stories and it’s the bike companies job to keep it under wraps until the official release. It’s as simple as putting the bike in a car instead of on an exterior bike rack. Hell, Trek was even racing the Supercaliber at World Cup races for months and still managed to keep the rear suspension a secret.

In the auto industry they have extremely strict guidelines about how and where you can drive and park unreleased test vehicles, even on their own private testing properties. Vehicles have been leaked because photographers with telephoto lenses have scaled trees to get pics over fences. And when they run super high security vehicles out on tracks they will fly helicopters and drones around with thermal and infrared to search the area.

As long as you aren’t breaking the law and don’t have a prior agreement with the company then any photo or info you get is fair game, IMO.


Ok, to be super clear PB posted someone’s private vehicle complete with plate number and business phone number. In the comments someone looked them up and basically had the individual pinned down. That’s not creepy? How difficult would it have been to edit out all of that info. No argument that this person’s plan was a bad one, but I call BS on giving PB a pass on that one.

Yeah I don’t remember that particular story. They definitely should have edited out any personal identifying information. But I think that’s a different conversation than about spy shots in the cycling industry.

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I think Garmin gave up…their brand new product is out there and stores are now all talking about it. I hear they are officially announcing it tomorrow but this store even posted it on Instagram and tagged the official GarminCycling on it. I am assuming that this is okay given yesterday’s news…

well, I’m glad they look like Shimano SPD pedals instead of Wellgo/Xpedo like SRM does. But $1200 estimated, it’s up there with SRM.

I’m looking forward to the power meter deep dives by GPLama and DCR.

Bring power to every ride, on- or off-road. If you already own a compatible Garmin pedal-based power meter (Rally RS, Rally RK or Vector™ 3), use this conversion kit to easily swap your power sensor to new pedal bodies for use on another bike. This kit contains all the components you need to make the switch.


Interesting that it says the conversion kit is compatible with the vector 3.

UK pricing not ridiculous either:

Only cost as much as my bike…

This whole saga could have been avoided, had Garmin not tried to be clever and get the pedals to the shops before the release, just so that they can say “it’s available now!” in their press release.

seems like old electronic and only pedal body himself changed, when i look on the upgrade kits for vector 3?

favero assioma duo $675
garmin rally rk100(single) $649.99