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Cycling Training Plans

Our custom adaptive cycling training plans refine your strengths and target your weaknesses, so you can be at your best on race day. PR your goal-event with truly personalized training, intelligently customized to you and your performance.

Personalized Training

Your Unique Goals, Your Unique Training Plan

Reach your goals with an Adaptive Training plan, designed specifically for you and continually adapted to your needs. Simply enter your upcoming events, how much you can train and when you want to do it, and Plan Builder takes care of the rest.

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Adaptive Training

The Power of Adaptive Training

You have strengths, weaknesses, and real-world limitations. Adaptive Training analyzes your performance after every workout and automatically adjusts your cycling training plan in response. And if you miss workouts due to illness or scheduling conflicts, Adaptive Training adjusts for that, too.

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Discipline-Specific Training Plans for Every Athlete

Whatever your goals in road racing, triathlon, or off-road, our machine learning-optimized cycling training plans will help you reach them.

Road Racing

Long climbs, rolling hills, flat TTs and technical criteriums. Get personalized training designed to make you a faster road racer.

  • Climbing Road Race

  • Criterium

  • Gran Fondo

  • Rolling Road Race

  • Time Trial

While I'm no pro, TrainerRoad helps me train and race like one.

Todd M.

TrainerRoad Athlete

While I'm no pro, TrainerRoad helps me train and race like one.


Swim, bike, and run faster with science-based training for all disciplines of triathlon.

  • Full-Distance Triathlon

  • Half-Distance Triathlon

  • Olympic Distance Triathlon

  • Sprint Distance Triathlon

​​I have followed structured training programs before, but nothing compares to TrainerRoad.

Krista W.

TrainerRoad Athlete

​​I have followed structured training programs before, but nothing compares to TrainerRoad.


Proven training designed for the high-intensity demands of off-road racing.

  • Cross-Country Marathon

  • Cross-Country Olympic

  • Cyclocross

  • Gravity

  • Short Track Cross-Country

Since I started structured training with TrainerRoad, I've lost over 20 pounds and improved FTP by 53 watts.

Keith R.

TrainerRoad Athlete

Since I started structured training with TrainerRoad, I've lost over 20 pounds and improved FTP by 53 watts.

Ready to Get Faster?

Use science-based planning, training and analysis tools to increase your performance with cycling’s most effective training system.

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Science-Based Cycling Training Plans

We use the latest scientific research, data from millions of workouts, and the power of machine learning to constantly optimize your cycling training for you and your goals.

All of your training plans are divided into Base, Build, and Specialty Phases, making it easy to lay groundwork, build fitness or specialize the fitness you already have for your goal event.

Base Training Plans

The foundation of any successful cycling training plan is established during the Base Phase. The more base fitness you have, the higher you can build your FTP. The most efficient way to do this for the majority of cyclists is through Sweet Spot Base.

Build Training Plans

After you have completed the base training phase of your training plan, it’s time to move to the Build Phase. The Build Phase is designed to raise your FTP, develop race-specific power, and improve your repeatability to make you a faster cyclist.

Specialty Training Plans

Following the Base and Build Phases of your cycling training plan comes the Specialty Phase. The Specialty Phase refines the fitness you’ve built during the Base and Build Phases while reducing accumulated fatigue. That way, you’ll be prepared for the demands of your goal event.

Cycling Training Basics

To get faster on the bike, there’s an optimal, science-backed training process to follow. TrainerRoad designs every cycling training plan to make you a faster cyclist, whether you’re just starting out or have many years of experience.

Structured training is the most efficient and effective way to become a faster cyclist, and a cycling training plan is a way to organize your hard work through power-based, interval workouts.

What is Structured Training

Structured cycling training is a process by which you train specific energy systems while progressively stressing your body. As a result, you gain performance-boosting adaptations, which increase your FTP, VO2 max, and muscular endurance. A cycling training plan uses specific power-based workouts designed to make you faster in the most effective and time-efficient way.

Training at the Right Time

The best cycling training plans progressively add more to your workouts at the right time, while giving you the rest needed to recover and adapt. This progressive structure, paired with well-timed training cycles and goal-oriented workouts, helps you reach peak performance for a goal event or discipline.

Every TrainerRoad training plan divides your seasons into three distinct phases. Progressive training begins by building general base fitness, then layers on more specific work, eventually bringing your overall fitness to a well-timed peak. This is the Base, Build, and Speciality cycle.

Your first step in the cycling training process is to establish that foundation in what’s known as the Base Phase with the goal of strengthening your aerobic energy system. As you move into the Build Phase, you’ll begin to increase the weekly training stress with more event-specific work.

Finally, the Specialty Phase strives to be as specific to your target event and performance goals as possible where the workouts reach the height of their intensity, but each week’s training volume experiences a mild decline. You will test your event readiness while gradually trimming the overall training stress to a point where you will realize your best performance.


TrainerRoad combines science-based coaching principles and machine learning with an unprecedented data set to design all of our cycling training plans. Our data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of training to ensure that you get faster.

TrainerRoad’s training plans meet you wherever you’re at by matching your current fitness level, available training time, and goals. So whether you are racing cross-country MTB, riding a Gran Fondo, or simply want to improve your fitness, there’s a plan for you.


TrainerRoad training plans come in three volumes: low, mid, and high. While the weekly hourly commitment varies, on average, low-volume plans have three structured workouts per week, the mid-volume plans have five, and the high-volume plans have six. Whenever you start a new training plan, you’ll need to choose a volume for your plan.

When choosing a volume, we advise the one that you can consistently complete. This will be a volume compatible with your schedule that provides you with enough rest in between workouts. If you’re new to cycling training or have a hectic personal schedule, we recommend a low-volume plan. Mid-volume plans are great if you have some experience with training and can commit to five workouts a week. High-volume plans are best for cyclists with extensive structured training experience as they require a significant investment in time and recovery.

Time of Year

You can begin a cycling training plan at any time during the year. TrainerRoad’s training plans progress you through the Base, Build, and Speciality Phases over 28 weeks. If you have more or less time until your event, don’t worry. Plan Builder can create a custom training plan that aligns with your timeline.

Plan Builder

The easiest way to create a training plan is to let TrainerRoad do it for you with Plan Builder. It’s a flexible, easy-to-use tool that automatically designs your custom training plan up to two years into the future. Plan Builder takes the guesswork out of choosing the right training plan by creating a custom plan that peaks your fitness for your goal event or discipline. Using your current training volume, when and how long you can train, the events in your training calendar, and the demands of your goal event, Plan Builder builds the ideal training plan for you.

Beginning a cycling training plan can seem daunting, but don’t worry. Getting started with TrainerRoad is easy. In just a few steps, you’ll be using science-based training that will increase your performance.

How to Get Started with Training

You can be ready to train in just a few quick steps. After you sign up, you’ll select your training, download the TrainerRoad app, then choose how you want to complete a workout—indoors, outside, or with friends in a Group Workout. You can mix and match any combination of the three.

Training indoors is convenient, especially when you have a busy schedule and a limited window to train. If you want to train inside, you’ll need a trainer in addition to your bike. Once your bike is on the trainer, open the TrainerRoad app on your mobile device or computer and pair your training devices.

Setting up Your Training Space

At the very least, you need a bike, trainer, sensor, and a device to run the TrainerRoad app. Additionally, a few accessories that will improve your training experience like, a good fan to keep cool, a few gym towels, and some water bottles.

It’s helpful to keep a few essential items nearby where you can reach them during your workout. A small table or even a chair next to you to drape the towel over is an easy option. This table can also double as a surface where you can keep food, your phone, or some entertainment like a movie or music. A bit of entertainment in the form of music or race analysis videos goes a long way for motivation.

One of the best tips for your training space is to make it convenient. Cycling training is hard work, so you’ll want to remove any obstacles standing in your way. Keeping equipment set up in your training area will save time and make it easier to get on the bike.

Athlete Q&A

See how other athletes have achieved their goals and increased fitness with TrainerRoad's training plans.

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