Meet TrainerRoad’s Head Coach

Chad Timmerman

Coach Chad is the creator of over 100 cycling training plans athletes use every day to become stronger, faster athletes. He’s different than most coaches out there. He’s devoted his life to researching the science behind cycling and testing ways to get faster on the bike.

With 25+ years of racing experience and 10+ years of experience coaching cyclists, mountain bikers, multi-sport and endurance athletes, he’s established a set of training philosophies. Here they are — the backbones to every workout and structured training plan from TrainerRoad.

Chad’s Fundamental Training Principles


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Training is Not One Size Fits All

Each training goal should be approached individually with the athlete's best interests in mind. There's no single formula that works in every situation. Rather, every approach should consider a few key factors: the rider's fitness, event type and time available to train.


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High Quality Trumps High Quantity

Contrary to popular belief, cyclists can get faster in fewer hours per week with focused, high-intensity interval workouts. When you measure fitness progress with training metrics such as power instead of speed and mileage you get higher quality workouts with a quantifiable form of progress. The result? You’ll get more out of your training with less time spent on the trainer.


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Training Stress Should Be Progressive

The most effective training comes from progressive, properly timed and systematic training stress. Granted, specific types of training stress change depending on the type of event you’re preparing for. Your body needs time to adapt to its training — certain forms of training must precede others. The body responds much better to smaller, incremental doses of training stress. When the time comes for big doses of training stress, they have to be properly administered to increase strength and prevent the likelihood of an injury.

I believe training without structure isn’t training at all,
it’s bike riding.

- Coach Chad

Coach Chad's Training Principles


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Physical Strength is Nothing Without Mental Fortitude

The mind should be trained in the same way as the body: incrementally, consistently — rigorously at times and kindly at others. Physical strength is only one part of the training equation. The best athletes condition their minds and bodies together to work toward their goals. One method of increasing mental strength is acknowledging small wins as your training progresses.


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Trust Data-Supported Training Methods

The world of cycling is constantly changing. Training methods should only be adopted when they’ve been tried time and time again with data to support them. Without ample research, trendy practices can result in more harm than good with serious repercussions on your performance. Cycling data offers incredible training insight, but it shouldn’t be the sole indicator of your fitness.


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Training Doesn’t Have to Suck

You should enjoy your training, as much as it may hurt at times. At the end of it all, cyclists train hard to excel at the sport they love. Aside from making the pain and sacrifice worth it, finding enjoyment in training can boost your performance and help you reach your goals faster. It’s important to have some fun with it!

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Date published: 11/17/2014
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