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The Science of Getting Faster

The Science of Getting Faster podcast dives deep into scientific studies and research, to help find ways to make you a faster cyclist.

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Discover the latest research with new episodes every month, on any podcast app and the TrainerRoad Youtube Channel.

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Submit a topic or specific research study you think we should cover with a deep dive on an upcoming episode.

Is my suggestion guaranteed to be selected?

We receive a large number of suggestions and studies, so we can’t guarantee we’ll discuss every topic that is submitted.

Do I need to be a TrainerRoad user to submit an idea or study?

Nope! We welcome any suggestions or topics that can help make cyclists faster, whether or not you’re a TrainerRoad athlete.

Meet the Hosts

Join Head Coach Chad Timmerman and TrainerRoad CEO Nate Pearson as they explore the latest science and research in endurance sports.

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Chad Timmerman

Head Coach & Co-Founder at TrainerRoad

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Nate Pearson

CEO & Co-Founder at TrainerRoad