Outside Workouts

Get Faster with TrainerRoad outside workouts on your head unit.

Effective Training on Your Head Unit

Simply sync your Garmin Connect or Wahoo ELEMNT account to have your TrainerRoad workouts with you wherever you go.

Outside-Optimized Workout Library

Every workout in your training plan has an outside-optimized version to make it easier to follow when riding outside, but still deliver the training benefit you need.

Inside or Outside, Stick to The Plan

Indicate which days you usually train outside when adding a training plan, and make adjustments on the fly with Calendar.

Train Your Way

Whether you're squeezing in an inside ride between work and dinner or planning a weekend training session in the sunshine, your training plan now has the flexibility to go wherever you do.

Compatible with Garmin and Wahoo Devices

Head Units

Garmin Edge Series

205, 305, 500, 510, 520, 520 Plus, 530, 605, 705, 800, 810, 820. 830, 1000, 1030

Wahoo ELEMNT Series


Wearables and Smart Watches

Garmin Forerunner Series

30, 45, 70, 205, 220, 225, 230, 235, 245, 245 Music, 301, 305, 405, 410, 610, 620, 630, 645, 645 Music, 935, 945, 310XT. 735XT, 910XT, 920XT

Garmin fēnix Series

fēnix, 2, 3, 3HR, 5, 5 Plus, 5X, 5X Plus, 5X Sapphire edition, 5S, 5S Plus, 5S Sapphire Edition

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Highly effective and easy-to-use power-based training software. Perhaps the best US$19.95 you can spend on getting faster.
Date published: 11/17/2014
5 / 5 stars