Zone 2 training with Iñigo San Millán, part 2

Think of the ankles :scream:.

There are a couple issues with speed skating that make it unsuitable for putting in huge training volumes (van der Poel was putting in 25-30 hrs a week during high volume periods, mostly on the bike) at low intensities. One is limited rink time availability. This isn’t a normal ice rink, it’s huge. I believe there are are only like 40 of them in the entire world.

The second issue is form. Apparently the form you would use to skate at low intensities is different from what you would use to skate at race pace. Van der Poel said in his manifesto that he was concerned that skating at low intensity would cause his race-pace skating form to degrade.

I want to say that this has been refuted in a peer reviewed article. Seiler used to promote what you are saying until he saw evidence to the contrary in that the shorter more frequent workouts showed a benefit comparable to the less frequent pattern with the longer ride.


Are there any thoughts on if a Zone 2 workout is more adaptive if one is fatigued from a previous workout?


Nothing of particular note I don’t think, but looking at my 60d avgs for weight at RHR during the 7 week zone 2 block I did I can observe…

  • My weight dropped slightly at the start - I assume this was as I running a deficit - not intentionally but slightly fell into the trap of not fuelling the work on the bike adequate because I was doing LIT but didn’t think about the increased volume I was doing - which I soon realised, and started to fuel properly again based on my needs - weight stabilised where I wanted it.

  • My RHR was stable with about 3-4bpm difference. The 7d avg dropped across the block but rose again in my recovery week slightly - main HR changes were Power:HR related from the training rather than RHR

My legs look just as (good :laughing:) as ever!

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Over 2 years I gained about an inch on my upper thighs. A couple months ago it felt like my legs were getting huge but the tape measure disagreed :face_with_peeking_eye:


I’ve never measured above the knee, however even my wife has noticed more unflexed definition.

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I didn’t know that.

Is there a place where I can access/see/read/hear Seiler’s latest POV?

Probably not the original source, but they touch upon it in this podcast:


I would expect climbing legs vs sprinter legs…

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There’s value to it if you can build cumulative fatigue over say the course of the week, and end the block tired, then recover.




Also What I’ve decided is that zone 2 and zone 1 training generally accomplishes the same thing, but zone 2 (ism zone 2) is just maximizing this process by obtaining as much fatigue as possible while still training certain energy systems, so if you’re gonna do one “easy” ride or whatever for an hour, the only reason to not ride just under lt1 is (besides not knowing lt1) too much fatigue.

I think z2 is harder than people are acting like, and what some people say is an “easy” ride is z1.

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Increased cross sectional area (ie volume) of slow twitch fibres perhaps? Disclaimer: I am absolutely no expert on this

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Since last summer I have been mostly on Z2 instead of Sweetspot. Since then haven’t gone balder than I already was. Coincidence? I don’t think so…


Really liked this, about getting back in shape using Z2 as the main driver, tiny bit of sweet spot too.


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yeah doing 25-30 hours a week will do that!


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